Eliminate the unseen and unspoken barriers to connect with your mission and co-create a plan to attract the life you want.   

Are You Evolving or Staying the Same?

In today’s world, it is very easy to become distracted and disconnected from ourselves and our mission which can drive our behaviors.
You’re afraid you’ve missed the boat
You don’t know how to surrender or let go
You long for better relationships and deeper conversations
You don’t have enough energy to finish the day
You need a plan to get back on track and stay there

You don’t know how to connect with a bigger message

Discover Your Dharma

Daily life is busy. There are lots of distractions pulling you in different directions. These distractions constrict your thinking, keep you stuck, and prevent you from receiving and aligning with the true essence of your authentic self.

Dharma brings into focus your life’s purpose and provides meaning to who you are and why you are here.

When you embrace Dharma, it manifests itself in your everyday life. Instead of feeling like you have to push to achieve goals continually, Dharma helps things flow to you.

With the right guidance, your unseen and unspoken barriers will melt away, so you align with your internal GPS, your mission, and clearly see the path you are meant to follow.

When you become Dharma-driven, you accelerate your journey and life’s mission.

Connect to a Bigger Message

In today’s world, it is very easy to become distracted and disconnected from ourselves and our mission which can drive our behaviors.
Become a conscious communicator, develop stronger relationships, and learn to lead by example rather than default.
Always be prepared for what life has to offer, get in front of challenges by developing a strategy and clear path forward.

Build a strong connection to your higher power and tap into divine energy and wisdom so you can live your life fully engaged.

Amy Elizabeth

The Spiritual Entrepreneur 

Have you ever felt off-track or like you missed the boat? Externally, everything appears to be great, but internally you’re stuck. You can’t describe it, but something is out of alignment and preventing you from being true to yourself and those you love.

You know you are here for a reason but are unsure of exactly what your purpose is or how to accelerate your path towards it, which is exhausting and you don’t want to feel this way anymore.

Hi. I’m Amy Elizabeth. I understand what it’s like to feel a greater purpose, but be unable to clearly see the right path to take to get there. Until I chose to evolve, I was unfocused and repeated cycles of bad decisions which pushed me off-track even further, time-and-time again.

Today, I help Dharma-driven individuals become aware of the unseen, unspoken barriers holding them back and provide them with the tools needed to align their path and life’s purpose.

By awakening your wisdom and wealth, you not only embrace abundance, but you expand your thinking and create limitless boundaries with focused intentions that accelerate your path so you can cash in on life’s experiences and finally be free.

Accelerate Your Path To Activation

Get into the flow. Feel better about your life. Become magnetic to potential, people and possibilities.
Align the Divine Plan with Your Divine Will.
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Find Your Purpose
Eliminate unseen barriers and find the quickest path to fulfill your mission.
Expand Your Boundaries
Embrace abundance and become the person you were born to be.

Before working with Amy, I felt lost, waiting for the next success or failure. When I first started working with Amy, I had 3 helicopters, 2 locations, and 2 staff members.  In the last 2 years, we have grown to 6 helicopters and 5 staff members and looking for a third location.  Our revenues nearly doubled the first year we worked together and are forecast to double again this year! “


Programs to Take Control of Your Destiny

Activate and Accelerate Your Purpose


Break the cycle of repeating life lessons. Clear the path to your best life.


Lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. Enjoy the freedom to follow your authentic inner path



Set your limitations on fire with the transmuting energy of the Violet Flame.


Elevate your frequency to the next level and manifest your desires.


Become a beacon of freedom and light to your ascension.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is bio-energetic work?

Bio-Energetic treatment creates a natural balancing of nerve function and communication between the Conscious and Subconscious divisions of the Central Nervous System.  It is a gentle, painless, non-forceful methodology of promoting wellness. Bio-Energetics addresses the cause instead of the symptoms exhibited in the individual. Then, quickly the process allows for the body to return to its natural state of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual health.

Will I feel the energy work?

This is up to you. Many do feel a soft movement of energy running through the body or things literally shifting in the body.

How will I know it is working?

Your life will be different in every way. The problems you previously experienced don’t become as apparent.

How will you help me?

I use many different ancient techniques backed by a case study or scientific method to accelerate your healing. 

Some of these are bio-energetic techniques, behavioral psychology to help you clear the clutter, chaos, and confusion from your life and decision making so it becomes easier to distillation.

How do I pay for a single healing session?

Go to the paypal link and pay for the session you will be then rerouted to the calendar system and choose the best time for you.

What happens during a healing session?

This really depends on what you are bringing to the session. Please create a few intentions and send them 24 hours prior to the session, this will help to focus our session. We will begin by looking at any connections, attachments, distractions to clear first then move into your intentions. I will use an energy technique called the body code and a few others to read your subconscious and begin to delete the files that are ready to be cleared so that you can live fully engaged and more connected to the life you really want to live. This method expedites your healing.

Can I take a level three program before completing level one?

Typically, no. There is a consecutive order to these programs. They are meant to take in order for the best results. I would consider making a special exception to those who have worked with me privately and were proficient in the tools in program 1, 2, and 3.