Do you feel like you are meant for more but you’re not sure what that more is? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be firing on all cylinders and not just on your default settings that keep you in a cycle of distraction, confusion, and resistance?

While working within the Energy Evolution System and with our Mentors, you will receive an individualized energy evolution coaching package that is customized to your needs and personalized to empower you to achieve your desires. 

Backed by science, Energy Evolution System Mentoring techniques are proven to accelerate your progress. Whether it’s energizing your life’s purpose, enhancing your communication skills in partnerships or accelerating your work success, Energy Evolution System helps you unlock your potential making it a reality. 

In your personalized mentoring session, you will feel more connected to yourself, giving you a closer connection with your community and relationships as well as unparalleled creativity in self-expression and work projects, so you can be fully engaged in YOUR life.

How You Benefit:

  • Work Less
  • Align with the authentic Self
  • Achieve More

Program Includes:

  • One-hour a week session with Amy Elizabeth
  • Full access to Amy Elizabeth via text, voxer, email
  • Individualized map and energy plan, materials, tools and techniques
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment
  • Consistent weekly Bio-energetic work

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We are here to help shift the world into a growth pattern, interconnectedly. The growth unfolds in an upward trending spiral: Something that has minimal constriction but still enough to cause tension so we can grow. Stress itself is not unhealthy, it is a necessary motivator. However attachments to stressors can be. Especially, when we choose to make those attachments part of our ‘story’ and design a future from them. When we shift our energy around our attachments, releasing them or transforming them into good, the journey becomes less strenuous and more magical. This is how you discover your ‘codemap’ – a personal blueprint of how your soul’s mission affects the greater landscape, and how well you follow its direction, to have the biggest impact personally and professionally. Together we illuminate, design, and strategize your codemap out of trust, belief, strength and courage to live for a bigger vision of the important gifts that you bring to the world.

Together, we connect your dots and uncover the most important energy aspects and themes from your past, harnessing their gifts to help you create a future of growth, impact, courage, and connection.

Why is this important?

When we connect your dots from the past with your present we deliberately weave threads of experience to build a future built on who you are from your place of strength rather than outdated or misunderstood ‘weaknesses’. Doing this, my friends, is my passion: uncovering the energy codemap for others is a part of my codemap. We are energy mapmakers, and we invite you to connect with our team to design yourself a future of fulfillment, engagement, passion, and purpose.