When I was 17, I passed over to the other side. This experience (for those of you who have gone through it) is a surreal and unforgettable moment in life.

The light surrounding me was so calming and comforting – I felt at home. In this space, I then heard a voice that said “I volunteered for this” and “I wasn’t done with my assignment”. Eventually, it was time for me to leave that placid dwelling and return to face the work ahead of me.

It was difficult not to feel overwhelmed and saddened by the immense work moving forward, as the voice plugged into my psyche – giving me this knowing of greater information I would use as support and healing for others.

This message has fed me and my purpose. To this day, this feeling is what wakes me and what inspires me to keep going.

Understanding my calling now, I began diving into energy work—learning ancient techniques to enhance abilities that, once foreign to me, now feel so natural. You see, what I didn’t realize was I was tapping into a world I was already so familiar with—I was waking up to my remembering.

This led me to work with trans-channels; people who channel Ascended Masters and Beings. I began working with Shamans, Ministers, Energy Medicine Practitioners, Energy Masters, Scientists, Quantum Physicists, etc. I have studied, not just classically, but through multiple mystery schools to find the answers that I and my clients were seeking. Questions such as “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?”.

My company, Choose Evolution Coaching Solutions Inc, has served a wide range of high achievers from professional athletes to CEO’s. But, you don’t have to be a public powerhouse to reach your greatest potential. I have now decided to step fully into a teaching role and share what I have learned over the past almost 24 years. Hence, the manifestation of our Online Educational Platform.

Firstly, I’m very proud of the REFLECTION Assessment. This tool gives you an in depth view of what is blocking you from BEING the vision you want to achieve of yourself, and finally living the life you’ve dreamed. The best part yet, it’s FREE.

I don’t want to misguide you, this work is NOT for the faint of heart. It takes honesty, the willingness to look into the mirror, taking responsibility, and serious in depth work to transmute these default settings and patterns we were born with or picked up along the way. And this is just the beta assessment, so just wait for the evolution of what’s to come.

Secondly, I have created 5 online programs taking you through an evolutionary process toward the best version of yourself. I teach you over 20 tools and skills each class that you can use to shift your energy in an instant.

CLEAR is a program designed to clear your default settings. I will guide you through these techniques and teach you the tools you need.

RELEASE is a program built to help you release the physical, emotional, and mental weight of the world and the ties that keep you there. Gaining awareness to lineage and where these programs may have come from using frequency to release them once and for all.

TRANSMUTE is a program to help shift energy in an instant. Using the wisdom, and teachings from the masters helping understand the lineage of the Violet Flame.

RISE is a program based on manifestation and getting clear on what you want then materializing it. RISE UP and greet the life you’ve always wanted to live.

SHINE, my pinnacle program – which helps bring out and magnify the essence of you, in you. To help engage a purpose filled life everyday.

I have realized we are all a mirror of the world around us. So learning how to maneuver through the reflections without being attached or having an old pattern create a ripple in the already still water of our experience is key to attain a true, lasting evolution. Rise Up and be the positive REFLECTION you want to see in the world and join our tribe in shining our light brightly.

It’s time to #chooseevolution and become the person you were born to be. Start your journey now with the reflection assessment. I look forward to working alongside you.