For many years I was in the ‘push’. Trying to force every experience to be shaped by my perception. I wanted things to look the way I expected them too. But by acting like I was taking on the role of the Creator I wasn’t creating anything, rather pushing it away as I way pushing it to happen.

I see this all too often in our society. We put limits, expectations and boundaries on life dreams and relationships. All this does is add to being stuck in the process of paralysis by analysis. And then we are pushing, striving and driving an incongruent energy with the energy of creation. The energy of creation is one that attracts people to us not deters them from us. This is showing up to life with a NEEDY energy or a LACK MENTALITY.

When you master the art of leading from the inside out you begin to see the shift in your environment and how it responds to you. Angels and helpers start to show up and things start to happen that change how you go about your day to day. And it is more than just being in the flow. Pulling is trusting. And like any relationship it is built on trust and trust may take some time depending on who you are.

So ask yourself if pulling was the person that was the next relationship you had, then how would you treat that person? What would you act like? Like you wanted to be treated, right? Kind, gentle and someone who shows up to support the other.

So that is how I invite you to look at ‘pulling’ or ‘trust’. We all NEED to have trust in the process and it will unfold with beauty and grace when we ask kindly for its support. Remember when you ask this new friend called Pull, Trust or Faith to come around more they will and others will want to spend time with your new friends too.

Pulling is equal to magnetism. When you are in the energy of creation then magnetically you will attract that of what you want to create and will not be pushing for an outcome.


1. Develop a relationship with the pull.

2. Practice talking kindly, showing gratitude and loving so that they show up.

3. Make sure you have a care plan in place and you abide by it, so you can recognize the gifts that are brought to you.

4. Rinse and repeat.. adding this to your daily endeavors will change how you magnetically pull what you want toward you.