How To Let Go

How To Let Go

Letting go is easier said than done. We know intuitively that it’s the best way to create and sustain peace in our lives, but a commitment to surrender can be challenging.  

The rewards are great for those who take on that challenge, however. When you commit to surrendering to the givens of existence, you are essentially providing a space for the universe to work its magic. 

If you step out of the way, God will take control. But the remarkable irony is that He would have done it anyway. There is literally no point in maintaining the illusion of control.  

Our habitual control often takes the form of planning, plotting and scheming. We react in this way because we’re afraid that surrendering our control will lead to a total collapse of our Self.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Our anxious reactions distract us from our deepest needs and desires. They cause us to expend enormous amounts of energy on fruitless, short-term gains, when we could be working toward sustainable success in all that we do. We could be providing a space for miracles – fortuitous opportunities – to occur in our lives. 


So how do you surrender? How do you learn to trust the universe and all its synchronicity?  Here are some practices to get you started. 


  • Discover or recover your sense of purpose. Find out what drives you, and what your most profound needs and desires are. The rest is excess. 
  • Act in accordance with your deepest-held values. Sometimes we maintain habitual control over parts of our lives that don’t even matter to us. Learn to be in mastery of your intentions first before clinging to those insignificant goals. 
  • Test your reality. We often repeat our negative reactions, because we’re committed to the illusion that we’re in control – that our attempts to manipulate the universe are working. Experiment with “letting go” and see what the results are. You’ll find that the most miraculous events happen when you surrender. 
  • Allow for more space in your lifeCarving out time for yourself is an enormous part of surrendering. When we fill our schedules with things that aren’t in accordance with our deepest values, goals and desires, we are essentially putting our lives on hold.  

Surrendering to the givens of existence provides a liberating space for you to take risks, have fun, and work toward your highest achievements in every aspect of your life. 

Are you ready to let go of control, and allow yourself to arrive at the place you were meant to? If so, reach out to me, Amy D, so that together we can begin the process of achieving your highest growth potential! 

The Science of Light Therapy

The Science of Light Therapy

Modern science is re-discovering what the ancients have always understood – that certain frequencies of light can alter the physical properties of our bodies, charging the energy in our cells and speeding up the process of healing. 

Researchers are investigating frequency of light therapy for its capacity to heal numerous physical and emotional ailments and disorders – everything from muscle pain and inflammation to thyroid and metabolic disorders, skin injuries to anxiety.  

Even certain neurodegenerative disorders have been shown to benefit from frequency of light therapy. How is this possible?  

Our minds and bodies are almost entirely composed of electromagnetic energy. In fact, you can think of your self as a single electromagnetic field, constantly emitting and receiving energy from other bodies.  


That includes frequencies of light. Because we rely on the movement and transference of positive energy for our existence, different light frequencies can be beneficial to us depending on their wavelengths. Some low-frequency wavelengths are long, slow and weak, while others have a quicker vibration that can assist in our body’s natural healing processes. 

Frequency of light therapy can balance and restore a body’s disrupted energy field, improving our physical and emotional conditions.  

It’s so effective, that healthcare companies like Aetna support light therapy in treating athletes’ muscle and bone injuries. For decades, light therapy has also been used to heal negative emotional conditions like depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.  

That’s why I make the BioCharger™ available to my clients. The BioCharger™ speeds up muscle recovery, improves your mobility, and helps you sustain the positive emotional states that are necessary for your success. Visit my website to learn more about how I implement BioCharger™ light therapy in my practice. You can also kickstart your own personalized, bio-energetic program by scheduling an Energy Assessment. 

So many of our physical and emotional limitations are the result of negative energy exchanges. You can go beyond the limitations your mind has set for you, beginning with today! 

The Importance of Shadow Work

The Importance of Shadow Work

Our shadow, like our light, are the things we embrace, love and enjoy. It contains all the things we don’t like about ourselves. It is everything we don’t want people to find out about us, and everything we don’t want to see. Sometimes, our shadow is not so pretty to look at. We try to keep it buried deep inside our psyche.

If left ignored, our shadow can find a way to come to the surface. It can destroy relationships as it shows itself like a faux reflection of others. Yet, our shadow is all about us. It can crush our dreams and spirits or sabotage our life when not listened to or examined.

This same shadow also has the ability to be our greatest teacher. If we can learn to fully embrace it, it can teach us kindness, forgiveness, strength, joy and ultimately our innate beauty. It shows us the beauty and power that each of us hold.

Our shadow only has power over us if we keep it in the dark, ignore it, and use it to blame others for our shortcomings. Continued suppression of our dark shadow will leak out into our lives with a slow seeping poison. Instead examine what we don’t like about ourselves and stop suppressing it. Once we acknowledge these aspects of the self, we become free. Free of fear and pain. We can now live our life with greatness and compassion, love openly in our relationships, and learn how to reach our full potential.

My Shadow Work

While working on my shadow, my mentor gave me a very large rock to carry all day. While holding this rock, all I could concentrate on was the vast weight of it. It felt almost impossible to get out of that situation. I felt stuck and scared, tired and annoyed by it. Once I started to reflect on the weight, I could see how that represented all my fears, worries, doubts, and burdens. Not only just mine, but those of the world.

Then, I started to look at the rock for what it was. It was smooth, had multiple layers of intricate colors and lines to admire. As I looked closer the rock had more beauty, colors and intricacy than I had originally noticed. It was strong and unbreakable. I then began to appreciate the rock for its value, fall in love with it and everything it represented. I was no longer concentrating on the weight and the burden of this large rock, but the beauty of it. The weight of the rock represented the beauty of my pain.

My mentor then gave me a pebble to hold in the other hand, and funny enough, it felt like the same weight. I no longer felt the heaviness as they both were just representations of what I was holding onto and the story I made up about both of these rocks. I ran with both, played with both and found balance between these two sizably different rocks with comfort and ease.

In this work, I discovered how grateful I was for the burden, or my shadow. It allowed me to transmute my beliefs of pain and burdens by breaking through the limitations I had unknowingly set within myself. And, with time, I was able to break through to the next level of consciousness. The weight of my beliefs had been shed allowing me to move forward. Once you can find balance and make peace with the light and the darkness that we all hold, your perceptions shift and your understanding heightens in a cosmic way lifting us out of the constraints that our own limitations had set.

To find out more about breaking through your limitations, beliefs, and situations that can seem painful and heavy, reach out to me. I can show you how shadow work can help you become the best version of yourself. Schedule a confidential discussion to see how this process works. Contact me via email at [email protected] or schedule a call directly on my calendar .

Shuffling Leadership Leaves Room for Growth and Success

Shuffling Leadership Leaves Room for Growth and Success

Bill Clinton once said, “The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.” At the time, he was speaking about his actions as President of the United States. However, Clinton’s words ring true in many professions. Although changing leadership may be stressful, it can actually provide more room for your organization to grow.  

As the football season comes to a close, many teams will see a shuffle in coaches and players. Usually, this is looked upon as a negative thing because many players, and fans, become attached to their coaches and accustomed to their way of doing things. However, shuffling coaches and leadership introduces new creative energy into an organization’s environment and can actually lead to success for the team in the long run.  

In my recent blog post, I talked about Chicago Cubs coach Joe Maddon [link to that blog], his positive energy, and how it impacted the Cubs upon his acceptance of his leadership role. Maddon’s new energy and approach led the team to the World Series for the first time in 108 years. This same idea transfers to any sports team or leadership position.  

leadership changes for successConsider Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. He took the position of head coach with the team in 2007. “I think regardless of who they hire to be head coach they expect him to lead, and part of leading is being prepared to do things that you feel strongly about,” during the interview process with the Steelers. When he was hired, he became the third head coach the team has had since 1969.  

When Tomlin, 34 at the time, became the Steelers’ head coach, many people thought he might drastically change the team’s defense. The team has excelled with the changes he’s made. There was, and is, something different about Tomlin that helps him click with his team. 

One year later, in 2008, he became the youngest coach to lead a team to the Super Bowl, making history. Since then, he’s led the Steelers to two additional Super Bowls and countless victories. Throughout the years, he has always kept a winner’s mindset, and his energy has continued to help the Steelers succeed.  

“I think football is a tough-man’s game, it’s an attrition game,” Tomlin said in 2007 when he signed with the Steelers. “You win by stopping the run and being able to run the ball effectively — and doing the things winners do — being a detailed-oriented football team, playing with great passion and executing.” 

There are a number of rumors about what coaches will be swapped this year. Some of the top picks for coaching shuffles include New England Patriots’, Matt Patricia. Even though the team landed a spot in the Super Bowl this year, other teams are looking at Patricia to potentially bring new, winning energy to their coaching staff. 

Another fantastic example of how shuffling leadership can lead to fresh, new energy and success is Delta Airlines. Ed Bastian became the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Delta Airlines in May 2016. Since then, the company has grown and it is continuing to change with the market’s needs, thanks to the flexibility and creative energy of Bastian.  

He has been with Delta since 1998, minus a six-month stint at Acuity Brands, so there is no doubt he knows what he’s doing. However, Bastian’s energy and the way he leads the company is what truly leads to Delta’s overall success. The most recent change the company has made is an attempt to make international travel more affordable, and essentially make Delta more competitive with cheaper transatlantic airline carriers.  

Adding new, creative energy into the mix can make a huge difference. For the Steelers, it meant two Super Bowl appearances in two years. For the Cubs, introducing Maddon’s new energy meant winning the World Series. For some companies like Delta, introducing new energy and ideas keep the company competitive.  

Consider what your organization has to gain from introducing new creative energy. Allow me to help you bring that winning energy into your daily routine, team, or office. Schedule an exploratory call with me today!  

Successful Leaders Emanate Positivity

Successful Leaders Emanate Positivity

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” – Bill Bradley 

Have you ever considered the way leadership has shaped your life? The words and ideas placed in your mind by individuals you look to for guidance and support can have a profound impact on your everyday life and overall success.  

positive successful leadersConsider the Chicago Cubs’ World Series win in 2016. When Joe Maddon became the team’s manager in 2015, he approached the players with positivity opposed to the negative remarks many other managers and coaches offer players. Because Maddon pushed positivity and encouraged his players to have the “I am a winner” mindset, they had the most successful season they’d seen in more than a century.  

Maddon did this with the help of Mental Training Coach Josh Liftrak, who joined the Cubs leadership in 2014. Liftrak created a mindset training program for the team to help push through barriers. He and Maddon focused on emphasizing that each player has a choice. Each day you choose to be the human being that you want to be. You also choose to stay awake and find a way to be aware and be the very best you can be.  

Liftrak’s mindset coaching has three parts: Courage, Urgency, and Belief. By this, Liftrak means players have been mentally trained to have the courage to do the right thing at the right time. Urgency refers to the desire to get better right now and not put it off until tomorrow, or the next day. The biggest part of the Cubs’ mental training is the Belief portion of the training. Liftrak and Maddon both pushed their player to believe in themselves, their teammates, and their training.  

The leadership team helped implant the “I am a winner” mindset into the players with this approach. The payoff was the Cubs at the World Series for the first time in 108 years.  

By using their positions of power to spread positive energy, they were successful in reaching their goals. While you don’t need positive energy to be a leader, you do need it to lead successfully. The energy of the entire business or team you lead is impacted by the type of energy you are bringing to the table. If you are constantly negative, your employees and players will be too. They won’t likely believe in themselves, their work, or the goals of the team if you don’t depict positive energy surrounding the team’s goals.  

Maddon will likely be seen as one of the best sports leaders of all time when his career is over. By leading with a positive energy, Maddon led the team to what seemed unimaginable prior to his arrival – a World Series victory. He plans to continue this method of managing the team entering the 2018 season. Maddon has been awarded MLB Manager of the Year three times. It has been predicted that he will be named to the MLB Manager Hall of Fame as well, especially if he leads the Cubs into another successful season. The Cubs manager said they are going into spring training and beyond with “energy and enthusiasm.”   

All in all, successful leaders constantly emanate voices of positivity and perseverance. Whether you are on the field, on the court, or in the office leading with good energy can make all the difference in the world. If your goal is to be a constructive and successful leader, schedule an exploratory consultation with me today.

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