We are now in the second month of 2015 and it seems that the New Year is speeding by. There have been many New Year’s resolutions that have already been broken. Gym membership sales increased drastically.   People started eating a little healthier. Some even tried to quit drinking or smoking. The sad part about attempting to change for the New Year is that by this time in February, people have forgotten all about their promises and have reverted back to their old ways. This can cause a roller coaster effect and is not conducive to a productive life change. It is a temporary “high” that you suddenly come down from and now the motivation has evaporated. So how do you keep the momentum going?

Every business has its peaks and valleys. During the peak times, your business may be running like a well-oiled machine. Employee morale should be high at this point and business profits will start to rise or steady out. But what about those times spent in the valley? During your business down points, you may feel like waving your white flag and giving up. Sales are low, no one seems interested in doing business with you and you may feel that all of your hard work is going unnoticed.   How do you take control of the life cycle your business?

Instead of creating a list of demands or setting short-term goals that may be slightly unobtainable, start by finding a quiet place to be alone. Bring a pen and a sheet of paper or a note pad. By finding a quiet place to write out your thoughts, you are eliminating outside distractions. This is your business that we are talking about, your livelihood, and it deserves your undivided attention.

Next, be honest with yourself. Have you been running your business like a BOSS or like an employee? What does running your business like a boss mean? Ask yourself the following questions. Are you taking leadership and designating responsibility to the appropriate personnel? If you are currently the only employee or have a small group of people that work for you, are you going above and beyond to market your business to your target consumers? Consumers will not know that you have a business to offer if you do not tell them! Learn to carry your business cards on you at all times. Pass them out to anyone that you speak to about your business. You are your biggest fan and you have to believe in what you are saying and selling. Some potential consumers may not have an immediate need for your services or products but you never know if they will need you in the future or may refer someone to you. Be sure to utilize online marketing resources such as social media sites, Hub Spot and/or Marketo. In this day and age of technology it is also extremely vital to have a professional business website.

Finally, believe in YOU! Take a look at the person in the mirror. When you look at yourself, do you see someone that you would desire to do business with? Would you trust this person to do the right thing by you as a customer or a client? Lastly, ask yourself, am I fully vested in growing this business to the level of success that I deserve? Remember, you are already born with everything that you need to be successful!