The Importance of Having a Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

In this day and age, people are focusing more and more on healthy eating. Some of us have good genes, a high metabolism, and a little bit of luck; for the rest of us, it can be a struggle to nourish our bodies with the proper nutrients to survive and live a long, healthy, and happy life. While we are focusing on our body, are we giving that same time and attention to our mind and soul?

Yes, the mind and the soul are definitely interconnected but both words have slightly different definitions. An excerpt taken from the book The Laws of the Sun, states:

“Human beings consist of a consciousness, a spirit and a soul, all of which were created through the will of God , and the central core of the soul is the mind”

The mind is considered to be the center and the foundation of your soul and your spiritual body. Certain areas of the mind govern will, emotion, intellect and reason. These areas must be fed and kept just as healthy as your physical body. This can be done through meditation and relaxation therapy exercises. It is important to cleanse your mind and de-stress your life as often as possible. Our thoughts can sometimes materialize so it is important to keep a positive mind, even during trials and tribulations in our lives.

The soul dwells inside of the physical body. It is made up of your inner spirit. Your soul will live on long after your body is gone. So how do you feed the soul? By seeking knowledge, faith and understanding. Wisdom is truly power and we were put here to be wise beyond our years and to assist each other down this path called life. By gaining knowledge and seeking wisdom, we unlock our GOD given powers of understanding. He has already instilled within us all of the things that we need to be great, so why not use them?

The mind, body and soul are uniquely connected and must have a healthy balance in order to live a stress-free, successful life. This is not to say that you won’t experience stress but you will learn how to deal with it on a deeper and more spiritual level. Learn how to balance your body and soul and free your mind!

Bringing Your Business Back To Life

We are now in the second month of 2015 and it seems that the New Year is speeding by. There have been many New Year’s resolutions that have already been broken. Gym membership sales increased drastically.   People started eating a little healthier. Some even tried to quit drinking or smoking. The sad part about attempting to change for the New Year is that by this time in February, people have forgotten all about their promises and have reverted back to their old ways. This can cause a roller coaster effect and is not conducive to a productive life change. It is a temporary “high” that you suddenly come down from and now the motivation has evaporated. So how do you keep the momentum going?

Every business has its peaks and valleys. During the peak times, your business may be running like a well-oiled machine. Employee morale should be high at this point and business profits will start to rise or steady out. But what about those times spent in the valley? During your business down points, you may feel like waving your white flag and giving up. Sales are low, no one seems interested in doing business with you and you may feel that all of your hard work is going unnoticed.   How do you take control of the life cycle your business?

Instead of creating a list of demands or setting short-term goals that may be slightly unobtainable, start by finding a quiet place to be alone. Bring a pen and a sheet of paper or a note pad. By finding a quiet place to write out your thoughts, you are eliminating outside distractions. This is your business that we are talking about, your livelihood, and it deserves your undivided attention.

Next, be honest with yourself. Have you been running your business like a BOSS or like an employee? What does running your business like a boss mean? Ask yourself the following questions. Are you taking leadership and designating responsibility to the appropriate personnel? If you are currently the only employee or have a small group of people that work for you, are you going above and beyond to market your business to your target consumers? Consumers will not know that you have a business to offer if you do not tell them! Learn to carry your business cards on you at all times. Pass them out to anyone that you speak to about your business. You are your biggest fan and you have to believe in what you are saying and selling. Some potential consumers may not have an immediate need for your services or products but you never know if they will need you in the future or may refer someone to you. Be sure to utilize online marketing resources such as social media sites, Hub Spot and/or Marketo. In this day and age of technology it is also extremely vital to have a professional business website.

Finally, believe in YOU! Take a look at the person in the mirror. When you look at yourself, do you see someone that you would desire to do business with? Would you trust this person to do the right thing by you as a customer or a client? Lastly, ask yourself, am I fully vested in growing this business to the level of success that I deserve? Remember, you are already born with everything that you need to be successful!

The Choice

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The choice is yours.. you’ve heard that before, right?
The choice is yours to be free. To choose freedom. But so often we adhere to that little voice that tells us “ No, stop” you’re not good enough” “no one is going to listen to you” “buy from you, why would they?” “Who wants to hear what you have to say” and so forth and what happens? We become exhausted and lack luster in a world that doesn’t support our hopes, dreams and desires. We become STUCK. But the truth is we choose to be stuck. We are all born with infinite talents. We have all been given inalienable rights to prevail. Yet we don’t take part in them..Instead we choose to be distracted by that the mundane, the routine, the safe. Never throwing ourselves into feeling and vulnerably, expressing the essence of who we really are and why? For what.. So that we don’t “feel” judged and worse don’t actually connect to people on a deeper level letting them know who we really are.

This disconnected behavior enables us to feel and more importantly to love. It’s a travesty to our society as human being walking around cold and burdened by the jail we put ourselves in. So what if we could give ourselves permission to be unencumbered. To feel, to connect, to love, to engage without boundaries. To awaken the essence are who we really are why we are really here and what we are to really do.. to align with that passion that sparks a fire so deep inside that the flame wakes us up in the morning with such vigor to rise and awake to the world of opportunity and puts us to sleep dreaming of the next moment and acknowledging ourselves for playing full out throughout the hours of daylight, the hours we were able to fully be present to have this experience. To have such a purpose that nothing and no one can or could stop you.

The seed that your creator planted uniquely inside of you, That specifically can bear YOUR fruit for all the land to experience. What would that be like? To be alive to our passion, awake to our purpose and fully present to the moments that our creator put us here to take part in. And in those moments to expand and slow down to the stillness the quiet the amazement of each breath flowing out of our tiny little nosrils and into our large expanding lungs. Even this kind of simplicity is a miracle.

Yes my friends this is choosing a life worth living, being present to record your life’s stories worth sharing and opportunity to connect not only to others but to yourself on the deepest level of realization. This actualization, this desire for self-fulfillment, for more than what is seen, the yearning for expression in its fullest design is all in a choice. And this LIFE my friends is a Journey to discovering the walk it takes to the path of signing up, being aware and making the chose to be free.

This is my declaration to you world. What is yours?

Learning To Be Thankful All Year Through

Learning To Be Thankful All Year Through

It is easy to be thankful when things are going as planned. We may say our prayers every day and night. We are gracious to our family and friends; we greet the mailman as he drops off our bills and holiday cards. But no one likes to speak about the other times, those darker times, when we are not so enthused with the thought of saying thank you.   At those times, who should we run to? The scripture tells us in Deuteronomy 31:6

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

We will all face adversity in our lives. We have to believe that we are already born with everything within us that we need to survive in this world. The ability to turn a negative situation into a positive situation is a gift within itself. Take a moment to think of the most recent issue that you viewed negatively. How did you deal with it? Did you ask GOD for guidance and strength to endure the storm? Did you look back and notice only one set of footprints in the sand and thought they only belonged to you? These are the times when we need GOD the most to encourage us to deal with our situations head on and fearlessly. GOD did not give us the spirit of FEAR, so why should we be afraid?

There have definitely been times in my life when I have felt alone. It seemed as if no one could relate to my kind of pain, even if they had been through the same situation. Then I had to realize that I am created by an awesome force that is larger than anything in this universe. If I am created in his image, then how awesome am I? People before me have endured the type of struggle and pain that I couldn’t even imagine, so why am I complaining? Learning to be thankful during the times in life that we struggle the most will teach us to have a deeper level of empathy for one another and a more intimate relationship with the Creator.

Take the time to be grateful in all things, good or bad, because they could always be worse. The one thing someone said to me that will always stick is,

“If things are going well, don’t worry, they can get worse. If things are going badly, don’t worry, they can get better.”

Take a few moments in the AM and before bed, to be grateful in all things. Whether it was good or bad, see it as an experience and a lesson.   Ask yourself, “What did I learn from that?” Even if it wasn’t pretty, what was the lesson?

Life is about choices. We have the ability to choose how and why we are having the experiences that we do. To relive the same situation over and over again is our choice based on reflections made.

Remember everyone’s gratitude shifts your attitude. So why not make the choice to shift it with reflection and thankfulness.


Who will take on a 25 day challenge? For the next 25 days, write down and reflect on gratitude and acknowledgements every day and every night. Let me know how you are doing with this. I’m in this with you. – Amy D.

Deepak Chopra’s “Future of GOD”

Deepak Chopra is an author and a New York Times bestseller. He has authored eighty books that have been translated into over forty-three different languages. His books fall into both the fiction and non-fiction categories. Time magazine heralds Chopra as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the 21st century and gives him credit as “the poet profit of alternative medicine…”

Deepak Chopra is on a mission to teach the world how to connect back with GOD. He feels that the world has lost that “link” to our higher power. We have put up walls and road blocks in our lives that will not allow us to connect with GOD on a deeper and more spiritual level.

How is your relationship with GOD or do you even possess or desire to have a relationship with him? This was definitely an amazing event and I wish I could have been in the presence of the crowd as he spoke to them. In the end, Deepak laid out a road map to help people connect back with GOD.

There are four main ways that Deepak spoke of, that can assist us in finding our way. You have to first, discover the “inner you”.

You can do this by understanding 4 main principles:

1. Expanding your awareness
2. Meditation
3. Prayer
4. Self-awareness

These four principles are a foundation to begin unlocking your spiritual awareness. Check out this article and let’s talk about it…. Tell me what you think!

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditating is an ultimate stress reliever and it is extremely therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. It is the process of training your mind to clear itself, completely, of all thoughts. In an article that I read, it stated:

” It’s extremely difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and think of nothing or have an “empty mind.” But in general, the easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing on the breath — an example of one of the most common approaches to meditation: concentration.”

With that being said, I have recorded several amazing meditations for you to enjoy, for purchase and download. You can take these meditations anywhere and listen to them on your own time. Learning to meditate takes time and patience. It is a good practice to start with focusing on a single point. Some experts say that focusing on your breath by slowly breathing in and out; clearing all other thoughts is a good way to start.

Some of the benefits of meditation are:

Lower blood pressure
Better sleep
Improved blood circulation
Less Stress
Slower respiratory rate
Less nervousness
Lower blood cortisol levels
Better awareness if your surroundings

The most amazing benefit of all is the freeing of the mind and attachment to material things. For more information on the benefits of meditation, click on the link below!

Most importantly, check out these easy to follow meditations from me, Amy D.! You will be so glad that you did! Enjoy!!

Let me know what you think!