With the 4th of July on the horizon, many of us are making plans to be with our families or taking a short vacation in the sun. If you really sit down and think about it, independence has such a deeper meaning than the historical one that we have been taught. We are living in a country that has so many different cultures, religions, and expectations, how do you find your true self among all the learned behaviors we have adopted? Those behaviors or ideas of how you should walk, talk, act and believe, are embedded in us at birth. So at what point in your life do you decide to break free from the things that you were taught to declare your own spiritual independence? GOD is the creator of all. The beginning and the end. If you truly decide to seek him and his wisdom, you will begin to find yourself and understand your real purpose. You will know when to wait and listen for his voice and when to move.
As a child you are taught the beliefs of your parents. You grow up with some ideas of how life begins and ends. Some are taught love while, unfortunately, others are taught hate. Sadly, some are taught nothing at all and are left to figure it out on their own. Learning to discover your own independence allows you to be free of the expectations of others. Your personal relationship with GOD has nothing to do with anyone else’s journey. It is your path to follow. While on this journey, you will laugh, cry, scream, become frustrated and even have thoughts of giving up. The gifts that you will pick up along the way will bring you to a better understanding and a deeper, more intimate relationship with your creator. These are gifts that have no price tag; because they are priceless.
Please don’t think I am not writing this from experience. I’ve been through some things in this life, where the average person may have just given up. There have been times when I have questioned my own path and if I was going in the right direction. There have also been times where my path may have started out in one direction and then ended up going another. I have had failures just as well as I have had accomplishments. No, I will not say that I have enjoyed all of my failures, but I try to learn from each mistake and I seek the wisdom to not make that same mistake, twice. We are all human and we make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up! Learn from your errors and move on. Dwelling on it halts your independence. That is not the life that GOD wants for us. He wants us to be self-aware and aware of the world that is going on around us. While you are planning to cookout on the grill and play in the pool with the kiddies, set aside some personal time to start seeking your own personal independence and connection to the direction you’ve been walking. I promise you, it will change your life and it may just change your path! Happy Independence!