Chakras & Energy Centers

This course will familiarize you with the 7 major chakras and energy centers. When we work with our energy first, the physical follows suit. What I have witnessed through my experience is when working with the energetics first, everything else heals, calibrates, and optimizes much quicker using less effort.

This course will give and teach you:

  • Education and extensive information about each individual chakra.
  • Effective practices to clear and balance your chakras.
  • To sense and know your individualized energy within each chakra.
  • Knowing Self and how to read your own energy which is the greatest gift.
  • To enhance health, energetic evolution, intuition, optimize experiences, and expedited manifestation.
  • A clear path to empowering Self and so much more.

Why is having a balanced chakra system important?

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on clearing and channeling energy into the chakras. An imbalanced chakra can look like a depletion of energy, illness, slow recovery, confusion, emotional swings – such as sadness, anxiety, etc. On the flipside, too much energetic activity in a chakra can manifest into excessiveness, feeling ungrounded, illness, and even spurts of anger or rage if not channeled correctly. When treating or taking care of your chakras in a mindful way, you treat your energetic body and enhance your other systems as all other systems depend on your energetics. If chakras become blocked or are not open, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra which we discuss on this course. In learning how it feels to be in energetic alignment you will then have heightened awareness of when an energy center or chakra is out of balance. Then using the tools learned in this course you can quickly shift your energy and chakra back into balance.

The intention and purpose of this course is for you to gain awareness of how your energy feels when it is in and out of balance. With this awareness, you can enhance your health and well-being by clearing and balancing your chakras and overall energy all on your own. The tools and skills are not only meant to clear and balance your energy, yet to empower you. This course provides many tools and methods which enhance and bring heightened awareness. These include Oracle cards, affirmations, journaling prompts, presence exercises, mantras, breathwork, meditation and much, much more.

My intention is for you to be able to clear density from your energetic body on your own, so you may live in freedom, peacefully, with vitality, clarity and joy.