Default Setting

Have you ever wondered why or how you get into the same situations with similar people and it is seemingly so difficult to get out of this loop? This is what I call, the “default setting” or a “behavior loop” which comes from patterns we have created from childhood.

So HOW does one clear this?

Did you know, awareness is the key to get in front of this pattern and redirect to a new, different and proactive way to shift your thoughts, feelings and emotions into a the person you have longed to become. When we know and knowing his half the battle, we can name it and then it looses its power over us. We are not at the whim of it and it doesn’t own our mind like it used to. I have been successfully working this system with all different walks of life from high achieving CEO’s to professional athletes to people so stuck in their story they never thought they would ever get out of it.
I use a number of different bio-energetic techniques to clear and transmute subconscious limitations that have been barriers to your success and freedom.

  • You will receive homework for investigating your main and backup settings that you can use over and over and share with others
  • We target the main default setting and target your back up setting
  • Create a simple system to follow the trajectory of leveling up beyond the past behavior and keeping your vibe high 
  • Together, we will transmute them and reprint the best version of yourself

Included In This Course

  • 3 months of Videos to help you stay the path
  • individualized support plan throughout the process
  • access to a private Facebook support group
  • 6 group coaching calls recorded
  • one-on-one accountability 
  • 3 individual clearings with me

Knowledge is power and power is force and force generates a great energy to shift old patterns into new ways of being and have your breakthrough!