Up until now, you have lived your life “coloring between the lines”. You think you know the rules of the game of life. But, do you really? Or are you crossing your fingers each time you roll the dice? 

Maybe you’re certain you’ve figured out how the world works, or that you know what is “realistic” for you to expect. In the meantime, you keep settling for the same relationships, the same dynamics that you’ve resigned yourself to tolerate. 

Yet deep down, you’re longing for more. You’re frustrated by the chokehold old habits and energy have on your life. You end up repeating lessons you feel certain you’ve already learned. Even when you try to stay positive, it’s hard for you not to feel like a victim of fate sometimes.  

But let’s be honest: it’s not the Universe that needs fixing. And the same situations keep happening to you for a reason. Victim consciousness has not served you so far, so why should you keep it? It’s time to shake things up a little, do things differently. Bring awareness to your own patterns and reclaim the power you’ve given away. 

Each time you engage in one of these old patterns, you activate the type of energy that draws more of the same to your life. More stuckness, more frustration, more lack. These are your ‘default’ energy settings, and they are holding back or delaying your success.

It doesn’t matter if they come from your family, personal experiences, genetic lineage, or the collective unconscious. You’ve been holding onto these energies like a crutch because they’re familiar. You may even define yourself by them! But make no mistake: they keep you attracting exactly what you don’t want. They’re holding you back from true, expansive freedom.

These old, unhelpful patterns (yes, we all have them) are simply life lessons you have to face. When you take their wisdom and gain the insight they offer you, you become ready to CLEAR them from your life – forever! 

This course is designed to help you understand exactly how your limiting thought patterns are creating everything you don’t want in your life. Then you’ll master techniques and practices to release those patterns that keep you addicted to your own personal brand of suffering.

I’d like to show you ancient tools and techniques to help you master yourself and your energy, so you can overcome your customary traps. Will you allow me?

With this course, you will:

  • Get crystal clear about your journey and your soul’s desires through the art of energetic ‘PIVOTING’. Gain awareness of the things you want in life by using the contrast of what you don’t want. Activate your energy to create lasting transformation and shift towards gratitude and love.
  • Become aligned toward YOUR divine plan by clearing your default energy setting. Propel yourself past those challenges that kept blocking you until now! This alignment will attune you to your highest self and your greatest achievement in this world.   
  • Empower yourself with an arsenal of energy practices to overcome any challenge you face, now or in the future. These practical methods of the ancient masters in energy clearing will transform you from within – opening the portal to real, lasting change. Your challenges will go from being complete roadblocks to mere inconveniences. 

Of course, your life challenges are not going to be zapped away by someone else. These practices must be undertaken with diligence and courage. Like every spiritual initiate throughout the ages, you must commit to practicing the methods you learn here.

But clearing your ‘default’ programs will allow the energies you are meant to manifest in this lifetime to flow freely. You will uncover a path forward for your life where you have all the tools you need to vanquish your demons: past, present, or future. Are you ready?