This course will show you ancient tools and techniques to help you master yourself and your energy, so you can overcome your customary traps.

With this course, you will:
1) Get crystal clear about your journey and your soul’s desires through the art of energetic ‘PIVOTING’.
2) Gain awareness of the things you want in life by using the contrast of what you don’t want.
3) Activate your energy to create lasting transformation and shift towards gratitude and love.
4) Become aligned toward YOUR divine plan by clearing your default energy setting. Propel yourself past those challenges that kept blocking you until now! This alignment will attune you to your highest self and your greatest achievement in this world.
5) Empower yourself with an arsenal of energy practices to overcome any challenge you face, now or in the future.

These practical methods of the ancient masters in energy clearing will transform you from within – opening the portal to real, lasting change. Your challenges will go from being complete roadblocks to mere inconveniences.

You have a choice to RELEASE all the weight of your shoulders, and breathe freedom into your life.

This program will allow you to:

1) Gain back your freedom and the lightness in your soul by identifying and properly feeling your emotions for lasting wellness. Release physical and emotional weight through a weight release protocol in a ceremonial way, to ensure it stays off.
2) Become fully in control of your journey and energy: let codependency to food, people, emotions or distractions to fall off of your life. Clean your own energetic slate to create the best life for you.
3) Maintain positive and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others by releasing anger in a healthy, effective way using emotional release tools.

When we work with our energy first, the physical follows suit. 

This course will give and teach you:
1) Education and extensive information about each individual chakra.
2) Effective practices to clear and balance your chakras.
3) To sense and know your individualized energy within each chakra. 4) Knowing Self and how to read your own energy which is the greatest gift.
5) To enhance health, energetic evolution, intuition, optimize experiences, and expedited manifestation.
6) A clear path to empowering Self and so much more.