Happy New Year!  2016 is REALLY the best year yet and why?

Because this is the year for manifesting all of our biggest DREAMS and DESIRES! I am going to tell you the truth about Manifesting that is the ‘why to’ and ‘what to’ rather the ‘how to’. The HOW is what gets us stuck and unable to fulfill the dreams and desires we have set forth to manifest.

Why to: When setting intentional objectives called manifestations the ‘why to’ is important and many forget this, which is why their desires may not come true. Did you know that Desire in Latin translates to “Of the Father” What does that mean to you? To me it means, It is my birthright. So get ready to see what is your birthright come to fruition.

1. Clarity. Setting manifestations of our dreams and desires creates an obvious pathway toward it. We need to know what we are aiming for! Many of us know what we want but aiming clearly can be the challenge.

2. Feel it. You have to try it on to know what it feels like.  Ask yourself ‘what would it be like…?’ Then it doesn’t feel so big, it feels tangible and you are in the experience of it. Now it IS real.

What to: When setting manifestations the ‘what to’ is important to DO the manifesting.

1. Some say mantras over and over, have vision boards and pictures to look This is fine to do because it puts the desire repetitively in front of the subconscious so that you believe it is real. BUT if you just believe it possible, it isn’t going to happen. An even quicker way is to live it as if it were already occurring. ‘Speak and Feel it into your existence’ as if it were already in your life. Keep your focus on what you desire. Feel it all around you, image it already was your experience, be walking within that dream and desire 100%.

2. Pray with gratitude and forward blessings in the situation. ‘Thank you for ______ because now I can ________’.  OR

‘Show me the strategy for the victory in obtaining ______ so that I can continue to contribute in this way.

Tie them together. Feeling it is equally as important as forward thinking it already exists. Back it up with gratitude and knowing that you were granted that desire and can show up in a different way.

1. Know what you want and where you are aiming.

2. Feel it. Be living the experience, it is real.

3. Speak it into existence.

4. Give gratitude because the met desire affords you opportunity to contribute in a big way!

We look forward to hearing how your manifestations become realities and you using them to be the positive reflection you would like to see in the world! Get Generous and share with your neighbors. An abundant heart fills not only you with joy but your environment as well. Remember like energy attracts like energy, so let’s continue to lift one another up and elevate the vibration of our communities and our planet.

Cheers to an amazingly abundant 2016!