In a recent video, I talked about the importance of communication in maintaining important relationships. Conflicts arise, but they can just as easily dissipate when both parties come together in agreement over their shared desires- desires for respect, companionship, and above all else love. By opening our hearts to include other people’s needs and desires, we become allies in each other’s success. Together, we become greater than what we ever imagined we could be.
This doesn’t mean that we sacrifice our own desires for another person’s. If someone asks that of us, then we’re probably dealing with someone who isn’t actually invested in a respectful, loving relationship. What it does mean is that if someone communicates their desire to include you in their life, in a positive, respectful and life-affirming way, it is in our greatest interest to accept that with an open heart. And if we start accepting all positive energy into our hearts, no matter the source, there’s nothing that can prevent us from achieving our true destiny.
That’s the point: A truly open heart doesn’t just accept the feedback of other people so it can make it to the next day. It doesn’t just settle for a few steady, functional relationships. It is one which recognizes that every single component in the universeis allied in our longterm success.
An open heart accepts the positive vibrations coming from all sources, not just the ones in your immediate line of sight. You must begin to think of positive communication and conflict resolution as an essential practice for accepting what the entire universe has stored up for you, not just what you can gain from a single person.

Beginning with our loved ones, we can master the way we interact with all elements in a way that is fulfilling and transformative. Once we do that, our success is limitless, all due to the biocentric nature of the universe. By letting go of the boundaries our mind sets for us, which keep us from having compassionate, empathic and joy-filled relationships with others, we’re also able to channel other sources of positive energy. This energy guides us upward, along the path of our highest calling.
Unfortunately, some of us struggle with keeping an open heart. Some of us suffer from a heart wall that prevents us from being able to even articulate our feelings in a way that resolves our interpersonal conflicts. If we can’t even resolve a conflict with our friend, family member, or romantic partner, how can we dismantle the self-established limitations that keep us from connecting with the universe?
If you’re interested in learning how to dismantle a heart wall, or practice having a more positive dialogue with the universe, feel free to set up an appointment with me– AmyD.
Consider interpersonal communication to be the first step in achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed- and more,