One on One Mentoring

Get illuminated

Do you feel like you are meant for more but you’re not sure what that more is? And have you ever wondered what it would be like to be firing on cylinders and not at the effect of your default settings that keep you in a cycle of distraction, confusion, and resistance?
Take a minute, sit back and breathe into what you are about to read.
How would if feel if I told you we can do just that?With a little bit of ACTIVATED fairy dust you will be set up for an energized and impactful way to make your mark.

While working one on one with Amy, you will receive a customized and individualized package specific to your needs and achieving your desires. Whether it’s energizing your life’s purpose, enhancing your communication skills in partnerships, or learning the ancient wisdomatic techniques backed by scientific proof to accelerate your work so that you feel connected with your community, your creativity with self-expression and projects, you’re fully engaged in YOUR life.

Work Less

Achieve More

Let’s schedule an exploratory call to explore your possibilities.
Ritual. Ceremony. Wisdom.
It’s my belief that you can get a lot done with little effort through the techniques and wisdom of ritual and ceremony. When you feel like you are becoming impatient with life, easily frustrated with others, putting too much on your plate with expectations that are unattainable, you’re setting yourself up to fail and ultimately digging a deeper hole of despair.

Ritual and ceremony give you the individual sense of support needed to face the day to day peacefully, clear-minded, and with a sense of knowing, “It’s all going to work out.”. With ritual and ceremony, it does work out! Why? Because the divine has your back! This is how we grow into our wisdom. In the illumination process, you are guided to honor and respect the universal laws and principles that will in turn honor, assist, and reciprocate for you.
If this process is unfamiliar to you, set up an exploratory call with Amy to gain insight on how to develop a roadmap toward your freedom.

Deborah Nettles
“Amy taught me that you can’t choke when it comes to money. I had a $6000 tax bill and I choked; my close rate was down to 25%. Since working with Amy I have a 50% or better close rate which is fantastic.”