One on One Mentoring

Get illuminated

Do you feel like you are meant for more but you’re not sure what that more is? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be firing on all cylinders and not just on your default settings that keep you in a cycle of distraction, confusion, and resistance?

While working one on one with Amy Elizabeth, you will receive an individualized energy evolution coaching package that is customized to your needs and personalized to empower you achieve your desires. 

Backed by science, Amy Elizabeth’s coaching techniques are proven to accelerate your progress. Whether it’s energizing your life’s purpose, enhancing your communication skills in partnerships or accelerating your work success, Amy Elizabeth helps you unlock your potential making it a reality. 

In her personalized coaching session, you will become more feel connected to yourself, giving you a closer connection with your community and relationships as well as unparalleled creativity in self-expression and work projects, so you can be fully engaged in YOUR life.

How You Benefit:

  • Work Less
  • Achieve More

Program Includes:

  • One-hour a week session with Amy Elizabeth
  • Full access to Amy Elizabeth
  • Energy Plan materials, tools and techniques
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment

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Ritual. Ceremony. Wisdom.
Personal note from Amy Elizabeth

It’s my belief that you can get a lot done with little effort through the techniques and wisdom of ritual and ceremony. When you feel like you are becoming impatient with life, easily frustrated with others, putting too much on your plate with expectations that are unattainable, you’re setting yourself up to fail and ultimately digging a deeper hole of despair.

Ritual and ceremony give you the individual sense of support needed to face the day to day peacefully, clear-minded, and with a sense of knowing, “It’s all going to work out.” With ritual and ceremony, it does work out! Why? Because the divine has your back! This is how we grow into our wisdom. In the illumination process, you are guided to honor and respect the universal laws and principles that will in turn honor, assist, and reciprocate for you.

If this process is unfamiliar to you, set up an exploratory call with Amy to gain insight on how to develop a roadmap toward your freedom.

Vandana Harris
“From my first session, I knew Amy was the coach that I needed to achieve the next phase of my career and personal aspirations.  Amy has given me the strength to make pivotal decisions to advance my goals and aspirations. Amy is hands down one of the most professional, personable, inspirational and courageous coaches with whom I have worked. She has given me confidence and courage in my own ability to be an inspiration to others.”