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Through the Inspiring Change group classes, Amy Elizabeth teaches you to become empowered and enlightened. This series of five energy evolution courses give you the tools and skills needed to clear, release, transmute, rise and shine your soul to its purpose, ultimately living your awakened and ascended life.

Amy Elizabeth offers five energy evolution programs proven to help you to attain transformational results that will put you on your true life’s path for success.

How You Benefit: 

  • Clear the internal energy blocks that stop you from ultimate success
  • Release yourself from patterns that and keep you in a loop
  • Transmute the density that slow down your growth and expansion
  • Raise your vibration with a focused vision to attract the life you really want
  • Shine your light and manifest your dreams

What the Program Includes:

  • Five courses over a four-week online program
  • Live Facebook group with access to Amy Elizabeth
  • Materials with over fifteen tools to shift your behavior and redirect your energy
  • Tools and techniques backed by scientific methodology
  • Life-time access to a full library of meditations and videos

Taken in order, you will learn how to:

Course #1 - CLEAR unhelpful patterns to get on your true path

Blast Away Old Patterns and Get Unstuck!

We as humans are programmed to be creatures of habit. Each time you engage in one of old patterns, you activate the type of energy that draws more of the same to your life. These are your ‘default’ energy settings. And they are holding you back from your destined success and keep you attracting exactly what you don’t want.

This course is designed to help you identify and understand exactly how to eliminate limiting thought patterns giving you a clear pathway to your true potential. In this course, you’ll master techniques to release patterns that keep you stuck and give you powerful tools to:


Get crystal clear about your life’s journey and your soul’s desires through the art of energetic ‘PIVOTING’. Gain awareness of the things you want in life by using the contrast of what you don’t want. Activate your energy to create lasting transformation and a shift towards gratitude and love. 

Become aligned toward YOUR divine plan by clearing your default energy settings. Propel yourself past the challenges that have blocked you in the past. Finding your energy evolution will being your highest self into view giving you the ability to pursue your greatest achievements and happiness.   

Empower yourself with an arsenal of energy practices to overcome any challenge you face now or in the future. Utilizing practical methods of the ancient masters in energy clearing will transform you from within – opening the portal to real, lasting change. Your challenges will go from being complete roadblocks to mere inconveniences. 

You have a choice. You can CLEAR negative behaviors and become aligned with your divine plan by taking these steps to gain control of your journey and energy.

Course #2 - RELEASE what is no longer serving you

Super Charge Your Energy and Break Free!

To make true changes in your life, your energy has to be supercharged, empowering you to eliminate and break free of barriers that are holding you back. In this course, you will blast away the mental clutter, chaos and confusion that have become your comfort zone. 

Through this course, you can step into the dreams that are authentically yours and experience life from your true inner path, purpose and joy. 

This course will empower you to:


-Gain back your freedom and the lightness in your soul by identifying and properly feeling your emotions for lasting wellness. Release physical and emotional weight through a weight release protocol in a ceremonial way to ensure it stays off.

-Become fully in control of your journey and energy. Let codependency to food, people, emotions or distractions fall off out your life. Clean your own energetic slate to create the best life for yourself.

-Maintain positive and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others by releasing anger and frustrations in a healthy, effective way using emotional release tools. 


You have a choice. You can RELEASE negative patterns and breathe freedom and positivity into your life by taking these steps to gain control of your journey and energy.

Course #3 – TRANSMUTE negative patterns and optimize your full potential

Lighting Up My Inner Flame! 

In this course, you will learn how to be aware of barriers in real time. You will learn to identify and transmute challenges into positivity. You will learn that when you feel stuck, or that things are taking much more effort than they should, you have the power to access to help you smoothly achieve your dreams.

You will be empowered to TRANSMUTE people, places, and things that have been slowing, delaying things that have been preventing you from obtaining your goals. You will learn how to forgive them and have compassion for them. And then you set it all aflame!

Let the Violet Flame take care of it, so these obstacles will no longer be a part of your journey. They can no longer hold you back. Just like a beautiful phoenix rising from the flames, the Violet Flame will unleash the next, more aligned version of you. And just like the phoenix, you get to have a transformational experience over and over. 

In this course, you will:


Gain the clarity and wisdom you’ve been seeking, by connecting with the guidance of your ancestors and ancients.

Magnify the transformational power of the Violet Flame using powerful invocations and decrees, as well as empowering yourself by learning the lineage and history of this ancient tool.

Unlock your gifts and natural talents, connect easily to your higher self and access your intuition. Feel the lightness you are meant to enjoy in your life!


Let’s light it up and let it go! Let your higher self and the ancients be your loving guides. 

You have a choice. You can TRANSMUTE the things that are holding you back by taking these steps to gain control of your journey and energy. 

Course #4 – RISE to ground yourself into a place of clarity, security, and wisdom

Inspire Yourself to Greatness.

In this course, you will learn how to raise your vibration sky high and stay there

In this course, you’ll take it to the next level: you’ll elevate your frequency by knowing how to flip negative behaviors into positive ones. You’ll learn the strongest techniques to ground yourself into a place of clarity, security, and wisdom. This lets you find your flow and manifest more of your desires.

In this course, you will learn to:


Get lasting peace of mind and clarity. Learn how to stop the wheel of incessant thinking and worry. Equip yourself with the tools to get out of a negative mindset, thought patterns, and transform them into positive. 

Manifest your desires when you learn how to shift into a higher frequency. Learn how to flip the script and instantly turn negative thoughts into positives, so you keep attracting more of your dream reality. 

Stay in a space of self-worth and love, nurture your vision about your dreams. Truly internalize your inherent self-worth and value, accepting all the sides of who you are.  

All your hard work, your initiation has paid off so beautifully, you just need an extra push to the summit. Let your energy rise up to meet your authentic place in the world. Open yourself to that high vision from the top of the mountain as your natural birthright. 

You have a choice. You can RISE and with that higher frequency, everything rises: your self-worth, understanding, clarity, and purpose.

Will you see how high you can RISE?

Course #5 - SHINE and step into your full power

Shine Your Light!

SHINE is the next step in this evolutionary journey. In this course, you will learn to shine your light into the world! Your path is now inviting you toward ascension, living like its heaven on earth.

This course is about knowing yourself.  Amy will take you through an in-depth discovery process to purge, purify, and create the new world you want to live in. By mastering your self-knowledge and embracing your unique authenticity, you’ll become a beacon of freedom.

This course empowers you to understand and embrace the universal law of vibration. If it is meant for you, it will come to you. If not is not, it will not. Amy will teach you to shine light in your darkest corners to get to the place where you are attracting what you want – and not attracting what you do not want.

In this course, you will:

Expand and elevate your mind beyond what you thought was possible. This course offers insightful tools to help you understand just how grand your life can be. You are worth it and capable of making it happen! 

Create alignment to your divine plan, making life effortless and easier to meander through. Live fully in your divine birthright by activating different light codes. Amy will share her lineage of light codes and their names. 

Step fully into your power, embracing the grace to be radiating divine light through you. You will detach from those things dimming your light. By identifying what’s draining and feeding off of your radiance, you open yourself to shine and light up the world. 

Like a lighthouse, your high frequency lights the path for those around you. They will be able to clear the cobwebs on their own dark spots, just like you did. 

By staying present and holding your space, you’ll help others around you to draw attention to their stuff. 

In that space, a great healing occurs, a learning that is undeniable. People can no longer not “look in the mirror” and ignore those aspects of themselves they have avoided for so long. 

Your frequency will help lift those around you without any effort. 

And you? You’ll know true freedom. Freedom is the level of vibration when you are shining so radiantly that you feel every cell in you about to burst in a good way!

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Quintin Demps
Professional Athlete
“Amy is the real deal. She is very passionate about helping others achieve their goals and maximize their full potential. She is an extremely great listener and does a really good job of ensuring that her clients get her absolute best. I really enjoy working with her and she has helped take me not only take my game to another level but she has also helped me take my personal life to another level.”