Inspiring Change


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Through the Inspiring Change group classes, Amy Elizabeth teaches you to become empowered and enlightened. This series of five energy evolution courses give you the tools and skills needed to clear, release, transmute, rise and shine your soul to its purpose, ultimately living your awakened and ascended life.

Amy Elizabeth offers five energy evolution programs proven to help you to attain transformational results that will put you on your true life’s path for success.

How You Benefit: 

  • Clear the internal energy blocks that stop you from ultimate success
  • Release yourself from patterns that and keep you in a loop
  • Transmute the density that slow down your growth and expansion
  • Raise your vibration with a focused vision to attract the life you really want
  • Shine your light and manifest your dreams

What the Program Includes:

  • Five courses over a four-week online program
  • Live Facebook group with access to Amy Elizabeth
  • Materials with over fifteen tools to shift your behavior and redirect your energy
  • Tools and techniques backed by scientific methodology
  • Life-time access to a full library of meditations and videos
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Quintin Demps
Professional Athlete
“Amy is the real deal. She is very passionate about helping others achieve their goals and maximize their full potential. She is an extremely great listener and does a really good job of ensuring that her clients get her absolute best. I really enjoy working with her and she has helped take me not only take my game to another level but she has also helped me take my personal life to another level.”