Transmuting through burning rituals and fire ceremonies. LIGHT IT UP AND LET IT GO! Hanging onto that doesn’t serve you and creates a place card holder for the new beautiful opportunities that could arise.

Fire is a powerful art form passed down from the ancients to talk with spirit, source, and our ancestors about our blessings, intentions, prayers, etc.

In some native traditions, praying into cedarwood dust and blessing the fire is a good omen to help enhance your prayers.  In other native traditions, you breathe into a spirit arrow (a smallish piece of wood) those aspects/energies you are looking to release and/or what you are looking to call into your experience.

The flames and the smoke speak to the ethers and spirit to help guide those prayers. 

Another technique is a ‘write and burn’.  This is a technique given to the Ascended Master, St. Germain through the channelings of Lori Toye, a teacher of mine. 

This is what I do:  I start in a meditative space, with lowlights and soft music, I calm my mind and connect deeply to my body. I ask my body and the energetic bodies what I need to release. I write what I want to let go of and at the top of the page I write, “ In the name of I AM THAT I AM, I release this to the universe to be transmuted.” Then, I list everything I am ready and know it’s safe to let go of with a signature and date. Finally, release it into the fire. 

NOTE: Only have one copy of this document to burn and please (for the most powerful effect) handwrite it. 

I fill the space with loving intention, something to manifest in its place of what I’ve just burned and in the vibration of what I DO WANT. Maybe, use a piece of paper, spirit arrow or cedarwood dust to bless this intention and replace what was released. However, you choose, make sure to intend for the best and highest possible outcome for all involved. 


To be continued….


In Part 2, I’ll be teaching about a “ write and burn” for intentions and manifestations. Stay tuned.

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