master your money and mindset

Where are you in lack and scarcity in your life? Do you know what it is? What it looks like? How come prosperity is not flowing into your life and through your doors. This program is all about getting yourself back in alignment: meaning firing on all cylinders by getting your emotional, mental, and physical body in the golden flow and centered. So you can see feel and experience those opportunities around every corner. Understanding the energetic component of MONEY and how to create more of it.

This includes:

  • 30 Day Accountability Calendar
  • Meditations on Shifting the Blueprint that We Follow that Isn’t Serving Us
  • Fear, Doubt, Lack
  • SBI – Stop, Breathe, Inquire
  • Learn the “Use it” and not “Lose it” Method
  • Money Mastery Goal Setting Guide
  • Mindset Declarations
  • Weekly Affirmations to Live By
  • Morning Routine: Gratitude – 5 Things to be Grateful for, Then Money Mastery Goal Declaration
  • Night Routine: Acknowledgment 5 things to Reflect Upon, Then Money Mastery Goal Declaration
  • Putting out Fires-The Guide to Managing Difficult People.
  • Gratitude Journal