Clear Program


Up until now, you have lived your life “coloring between the lines”. You think you know the rules of the game of life. But, do you really? Or are you crossing your fingers each time you roll the dice?

Maybe you’re certain you’ve figured out how the world works, or that you know what is “realistic” for you to expect. In the meantime, you keep settling for the same relationships, the same dynamics that you’ve resigned yourself to tolerate.



Blast Away Old Patterns and Get Unstuck!

We as humans are programmed to be creatures of habit. Each time you engage in one of old patterns, you activate the type of energy that draws more of the same to your life. These are your ‘default’ energy settings. And they are holding you back from your destined success and keep you attracting exactly what you don’t want.

This course is designed to help you identify and understand exactly how to eliminate limiting thought patterns giving you a clear pathway to your true potential. In this course, you’ll master techniques to release patterns that keep you stuck and give you powerful tools to:


Get crystal clear about your life’s journey and your soul’s desires through the art of energetic ‘PIVOTING’. Gain awareness of the things you want in life by using the contrast of what you don’t want. Activate your energy to create lasting transformation and a shift towards gratitude and love.

Become aligned toward YOUR divine plan by clearing your default energy settings. Propel yourself past the challenges that have blocked you in the past. Finding your energy evolution will being your highest self into view giving you the ability to pursue your greatest achievements and happiness.

Empower yourself with an arsenal of energy practices to overcome any challenge you face now or in the future. Utilizing practical methods of the ancient masters in energy clearing will transform you from within – opening the portal to real, lasting change. Your challenges will go from being complete roadblocks to mere inconveniences.

You have a choice. You can CLEAR negative behaviors and become aligned with your divine plan by taking these steps to gain control of your journey and energy.