Shine Program


Congrats! You have now gone through the initiation journey that led you to CLEAR, RELEASE, TRANSMUTE, and RISE your levels of energy. I know that diving into the depths of your soul can be daunting, and continuously integrating these lessons is demanding work. Yet, there is a magical experience waiting for you, when you’re just being and allowing the beauty of the integration process to come to you. Are you ready to feel it?

This is your moment to surrender to your dharma, letting go of all the drama. So far you have traversed a rite of passage into your soul’s true essence. And as your light gets stronger, so do your lessons and shadow self.



Shine Your Light!

SHINE is the next step in this evolutionary journey. In this course, you will learn to shine your light into the world! Your path is now inviting you toward ascension, living like its heaven on earth.

This course is about knowing yourself.  Amy will take you through an in-depth discovery process to purge, purify, and create the new world you want to live in. By mastering your self-knowledge and embracing your unique authenticity, you’ll become a beacon of freedom.

This course empowers you to understand and embrace the universal law of vibration. If it is meant for you, it will come to you. If not is not, it will not. Amy will teach you to shine light in your darkest corners to get to the place where you are attracting what you want – and not attracting what you do not want.

In this course, you will:

Expand and elevate your mind beyond what you thought was possible. This course offers insightful tools to help you understand just how grand your life can be. You are worth it and capable of making it happen!

Create alignment to your divine plan, making life effortless and easier to meander through. Live fully in your divine birthright by activating different light codes. Amy will share her lineage of light codes and their names.

Step fully into your power, embracing the grace to be radiating divine light through you. You will detach from those things dimming your light. By identifying what’s draining and feeding off of your radiance, you open yourself to shine and light up the world.

Like a lighthouse, your high frequency lights the path for those around you. They will be able to clear the cobwebs on their own dark spots, just like you did.

By staying present and holding your space, you’ll help others around you to draw attention to their stuff.

In that space, a great healing occurs, a learning that is undeniable. People can no longer not “look in the mirror” and ignore those aspects of themselves they have avoided for so long.

Your frequency will help lift those around you without any effort.

And you? You’ll know true freedom. Freedom is the level of vibration when you are shining so radiantly that you feel every cell in you about to burst in a good way!