Refinement is defined as the improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes; the act of making something pure. As we enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the kids play, we are aware that soon the season will start to slowly transition from summer to fall. We will start to notice small changes in the air and nature all around us. Take this time in the heat of summer to start refining yourself. What bad habits are you hiding? What impurities do you need to remove from your heart and soul?

When we are unable to completely understand what is holding us back from our destiny, we cannot begin to develop a strategy to remove those unwanted impurities from our lives. It is important to be aware of the world around you at all times. There will be negatives and there will be positives. The importance of your struggle dwells in how you react to these situations. When you are faced with a personal issue that brings you heartache, do you lash out at others? Do you lose faith and turn away from the Creator? Do you block out the ones that love you, only to partner up with the ones that have the least interest in what’s best for you? These are the questions that you should start asking yourself as you refine and polish your spiritual relationship with GOD and your individual relationship with yourself. Am I walking my truth?

In walking in your truth, you have to take a strong, hard look at yourself in the mirror. Am I being the best friend to myself that I am to others? What changes can I start making today that will positively affect my tomorrow? Refinement starts with small changes that will significantly impact our lives in the long run. What changes can you make today? Sit down and start a list. You don’t have to finish it today but start it today so you can began refining your tomorrow. Let’s talk!