I’m Ready to Release

In our fast-paced world, you might feel trapped in a vicious cycle, unable to break free. The constant need to perform and the pressure you put on yourself every day have drained your power away

You are determined to continue making changes in your life, but your energy runs low. Your personal ways to cope are holding you back: codependency to an emotion, a routine, people,  food. All these things weigh heavily on your life, like a burden you don’t know how to shake off. 

Next thing you know, old habits come back, leaving you feeling guilty and depleted. Does it sound familiar?

That’s because your challenges keep you engaging in the same patterns you always have. They keep you on repeat: the stories about not being good enough, not strong enough, not worthy enough of your dreams. 

All the mental clutter, chaos, and confusion have become your comfort zone. Your emotions are easily triggered, making you relive the same frustrations, giving in to the same vices.

But I’m here to tell you that you have a choice to RELEASE all the weight of your shoulders, and breathe freedom into your life. Release the unseen and unspoken barriers that have kept you stuck, distracted, and small.

Step into the dreams that are authentically yours. Experience life from your true inner path, purpose and joy.  

That’s why I created RELEASE, to help you break free from the heaviness. This program will allow you to:

  • Gain back your freedom and the lightness in your soul by identifying and properly feeling your emotions for lasting wellness. Release physical and emotional weight through a weight release protocol in a ceremonial way, to ensure it stays off.
  • Become fully in control of your journey and energy: let codependency to food, people, emotions or distractions to fall off of your life. Clean your own energetic slate to create the best life for you.
  • Maintain positive and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others by releasing anger in a healthy, effective way using emotional release tools. 

I have worked with 100’s of clients over the past ten years, and I KNOW this is achievable for you too. But to let go of these stories and step into your light, you must believe it’s possible. Believe in yourself, the same way I believe you can do it. After all, you have already succeeded in doing the work to CLEAR your energy!

Remember that your BIG desires are the way your heart reminds you that unconditional love is your birthright, and freedom is your natural state. Bliss is waiting for you!

Join our TRIBE in stepping into your freedom! Lift the weight of the world off your shoulders and enjoy a lighter way to an authentic life.