Energy Assessments For Leaders

Energy Assessments For Leaders

Most of us hold some kind of leadership position, whether we’re someone’s boss, parent, coach, political representative, or religious leader. But no matter what leadership role you play,  you must consider how your energy levels affect your leadership. The way your energy manifests itself not only impacts those who rely on your insight and guidance, but on your own longterm, sustainable success. The fact is, you can’t be an effective leader- or seen as a legitimate source of authority, knowledge, or guidance- if you aren’t mindful of your own energy levels. In this essay, I will be providing an overview of the 7 Levels of Energy and the potential ways they might manifest. I’ve also chosen three archetypes from throughout our history, which might help you assess not only your energy level but perhaps the level of someone else.

Catabolic Energy Levels 1 & 2

Level 1 energy is marked by a “victim complex.” A sense of helplessness, fear of the unknown, and feelings of guilt plague the person with Level 1 energy. They often suffer from low self-confidence and avoid even trying to achieve their dreams because they believe they have no control over their own destiny. Learned helplessness and a despairing outlook often prevents those with Level 1 energy from ever being promoted to a leadership role.On the other hand, Level 2 energy is where most people operate. It includes a self (us) v. other (them) mentality. Its leadership style is marked by a sense of competition, and tends to make gains through power plays. While Level 2 energy can be effective in achieving material success, it takes a spiritual toll. Level 2 leaders are often in conflict with everyone around them, including their loved ones, which ultimately limits their capacity for true abundance.

Anabolic Energy Levels 3 – 7

Level 3 energy can be an effective leadership style that utilizes the rational mind to creatively discover and implement the best practices for material and interpersonal success. Level 3 leaders are competitive, but see their success as reliant upon the productivity and motivation of others in their circle. They are great mediators and tend to value cooperation over conflict.Level 4 energy takes this spirit of cooperation one step further. It is marked by a heightened concern for the wellbeing of others, and see principles of fairness and equality as more important than personal gain. Leaders who fall under Level 4 energy are often driven by utopian ideals of peace and equality.

Level 5 energy is characterized by an enthusiastic acceptance of all that life has to offer. Leaders who operate under this energy level often embrace life’s obstacles as opportunities for spiritual growth. They aren’t prone to an us v. them mentality, and those who serve alongside them find their optimistic, peaceful outlook to be deeply inspiring.

Level 6 energy belongs to those leaders whose level of insight encompasses not just their individual self or their immediate circle, but the entire whole of existence. Their creative vision is informed by the positive energy of everything they encounter, and more. For them, every day is part of an unfolding success story that goes beyond anything material.

At Level 7, one acts with a complete lack of fear. Nothing is considered impossible for those influential leaders who have tapped into Level 7 energy. They not only see themselves as participating in their own destiny, but are also prime movers of the destinies of others. They are truly a self-made force of nature.

Three Archetypes

Now that I’ve described some of the different ways that energy manifests itself in leadership, I’d like to talk about three important figures in human history who embody some of these energy levels.

Henry Kissinger:

Kissinger, as the former Secretary of State for both Presidents Nixon and Ford, consistently operated in Level 2 energy. He was a political leader whose policies were driven by what he considered the reality of world conflict. Kissinger worked within the conventional rules of war and peace, using hardline political strategy and coercion to protect the interests of his allies. His dedication to winning the game of international politics has made him simultaneously lauded for his achievements in the “real world,” and criticized for not having a higher vision for humanity. Like other leaders with Level 2 energy, he and his inner circle found success in the material conditions of the world, but his long-term positive impact remains ambiguous.

Mother Theresa:

Driven by compassion, Mother Theresa has Level 4 energy. She gave up a life of material comfort to be in service to the poor. She attracted global attention and admiration for her charity and her idealism, and indeed was so influential that her small congregation grew to include thousands of nuns and volunteers in over 100 countries. Her simple life’s duty to serve others became a call to action for people everywhere to follow suit. In the years after her death, she was criticized for not expanding her vision of compassion to include an end to human suffering. Nevertheless, she maintains her legacy as a true believer in her faith and her life’s goals.

Napoleon Bonaparte:

The military commander and political leader during the French Revolution, Napoleon oscillated between Level 2 and Level 6 energy throughout his campaigns. He was clearly conflict-driven, using military violence to stave off any threats to his power. Historians would look back on his achievements with a sense of ambiguity- was the political revolution worth all the bloodshed?However, Napoleon’s vision for an entirely new global society was all-encompassing. While he was both loved and hated during his lifetime, his sheer genius and- most importantly- his ability to enact his destiny- made him one of the most astonishing figures in human history.

Who Are You?

How you utilize your energy to influence and lead others is dependent on how conscious you are of these levels of energy. You must ask yourself, “Where does my energy level currently reside?”Remember that catabolic energy levels 1 & 2 can be limiting. You may have your material needs fulfilled for the time being, but over time such energy will fail to provide the abundance your heart truly desires. By being consciously aware of your energy levels, and by changing it when necessary, you can find long-term, sustainable success.

Reach out to me, AmyD the Peak Performance Expert and Trainer, if you want to learn how you can alter your energy- so that you can be the most effective, focused and driven leader you can be. Sign up for an Energy Assessment today!

Tapping Into Nature for Clarity, Focus and Calm

Tapping Into Nature for Clarity, Focus and Calm

Life can be overwhelming at times. From the stresses of the day to day, work, traffic, interpersonal relationships, etc it can all be a bit much. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were somewhere you could recharge your batteries? Some place beyond the pages of a book, the gym, or the man cave? What if I were to tell you that there is and it is all around you?

Nature has always been a source of healing, renewal, and regeneration. Whether you’re out in your own garden or deep in the wilderness, the natural world is awe inspiring, powerful, and deeply relaxing. The curative powers of nature have been known the world over for centuries. Hippocrates may have said it best when he said, “nature cures-not the physician”.

It may sound a little New Age-y to you, but there is actual scientific data to back up these claims. As far back as the 1970’s, studies have touted the restorative benefits of nature. One study concluded that hospital patients, whose windows face a natural setting, recover nearly twice as quickly as and with far less complications than those whose rooms are without windows or have a more industrial view.

And let’s face it; “getting back to nature” is really just a return to our natural state of being. Communing with nature reminds us of where we come from, because we are a part of the earth. Returning to nature liberates us from all the trappings of a technological society and lets us to exist in our truest state. Allowing ourselves time in nature gives us the opportunity to heal, recharge, and reconnect.

However, fostering that connection with nature isn’t just as simple as going outside. You will want to be in an outdoor space that makes you feel nurtured and at ease. You will need to be receptive to the wisdom that the earth offers. If you don’t immediately feel a connection, don’t worry. Try some deep breathing or meditation. And if you are still unable to feel the connection, then let’s talk. You may be experiencing emotional and spiritual blockages that can be removed by the bioenergetics work that I do. Avenues to love and light need to be open to fully experience the healing qualities of nature.

Why You Should Be Patiently Investing in Tesla (And Yourself)

Why You Should Be Patiently Investing in Tesla (And Yourself)

Billionaire investor Ron Baron has predicted that a long-term investment in Tesla Motors will prove to be one of the best financial decisions one can make. While the fruits of his investments will be slow to grow, Baron believes firmly that Tesla will become one of the biggest companies in the world. In the long-run, an investment in one of the most innovative companies on the globe will reap enormous rewards in the future.

Baron has seen the innovations first-hand. Every three or four months, he visits the factory and is astounded by the level of forward-thinking creativity that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has envisioned for the world. As he said in an interview with CNBC that there is currently no competition for Tesla Motors. They have genuinely risen above the fray to lead the world in a new technological direction, and companies who could have competed with them failed- all because they didn’t believe in the power of Musk’s imagination.

Tesla Motor’s future success doesn’t just lie in their exciting new car technology. It’s about an entirely new way of seeing how energy can be transferred and transformed. As Baron mentioned, Tesla Motors- with an investment from Panasonic- is creating a $5 billion giga-battery factory.

There’s a reason why Musk named his company after another great visionary, Nikola Tesla. Tesla had discovered a new way of using energy in a way that was so powerful and efficient it changed the entire world. What can we, as entrepreneurs, learn from this? 

Patience, Determination and Abundance

Having the kind of focus and dedication as Elon Musk, or his investor Ron Baron for that matter, is necessary for long-term, sustainable, abundant success. Musk not only sees where the future is headed, his future, but has also diversified his projects- not settling for a single industry but spreading out his vision and seeng it for its entirety.

Investing in Tesla isn’t just about instant gratification. It is about having the dedication and the foresight to know that motivated geniuses like Elon Musk are altering our world, one inspiration at a time.

As entrepreneurs, we can learn an invaluable lesson from this. With enough patience, dedication, tenacity, and inspiration, we can alter our destinies to include an abundance so beyond what we ever imagined. A success that is transformative on a global scale.

If you are interested in learning more about harnessing this kind of laser focus, so that you may achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more, contact me to set up an appointment today!

Biocentrism- Go Beyond Your Limits

Biocentrism- Go Beyond Your Limits

We are often told that our consciousness constructs our own reality, and that its up to us to make manifest our highest calling. But how can we deconstruct the walls or barriers that prevent us from achieving our true destiny?

The answer comes from Robert Lanza’s prevailing theory on how the universe is created. That theory is called biocentrism, and it demonstrates how consciousness is what forms our universe, not the other way around. Up until now, the way we understand the laws of the universe, and the way we participate in our reality, has been limited.

What is Biocentrism?

Quantum physics has demonstrated how biocentrism operates. Everything is made up of atomic matter and energy, including ourselves and the objects around us. Because everything in the universe possesses this potential energy, we can transmute, transform, or change it… if we are so willing.  The universe, in this sense, is not an accident but comes into being through our consciousness. We, in essence, create our own reality.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your World

How does this happen? As human beings, we’ve been led to believe that our path is limited. Our minds have been set, by ourselves and others, to believe that we are only capable of achieving the status quo. Because we believe this, our life plays out according to arbitrary rules. Our true destiny may have been Superman or Wonder Woman, but we’ve settled for an alter ego that doesn’t give justice to our dreams.

That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a set plan for us. We do have an ultimate path and a destiny given to us by the grace of God. However, it is up to us to set ourselves at a positive vibration that attracts all of the things God intended for us in His limitless universe.

In one of my videos, I talk about using a dry-erase board to erase our doubts and fears.Biocentric theory supports this ability to erase and re-draw our boundless dreams and aspirations. We can create anything in our field to appear, much like Neo in the Matrix. Neo was able to bend a spoon, all because the spoon- which is made up of energy and matter that can be manipulated- is an object of our own creation.

Living Abundantly… and Beyond

Jim Carrey is a great example of someone who understands biocentric phenomena. In this video, he urgently tells us to believe in the possibility of something bigger than ourselves. Jim Carrey explains to us that his special purpose was simply to make people laugh- and because he did whatever it took to fulfill that special calling, he was able to forge his own destiny… and more. By staying focused on the single most important thing in his life, the universe naturally expanded his vision to include all of the things he’s accomplished today.

How does this work for businesspeople? Although I will always encourage you to hit certain quantitative goals, I also want you to think beyond the numbers- which can serve as just another barrier or boundary. If we go beyond that set number, we can think about our success in terms of everything we do, all the people we influence, and everything we have. We can live so abundantly, that numbers can’t even begin to describe our existence.

If you’re interested in learning more about overcoming the limitations your mind has set for itself, contact me at [email protected] to schedule a session!

Everything you need to achieve your dreams, and more, is within you. Reach out today!

Recovering Our True Selves: Dismantling the Heart Wall

Recovering Our True Selves: Dismantling the Heart Wall

When we are vulnerable, our emotions can culminate into a blocked negative energy that gets trapped in a metaphysical wall around our heart. That wall, which can wreak havoc on our self-fulfillment, is called a heart wall.

When we are emotionally injured, our energy gets stuck and we build an emotional fortress that we think will protect us from further injury. While this can be a very important coping mechanism in times when we desperately need it, a permanent heart wall has catastrophic impacts on our well-being. It becomes a sickness, and the sicker it is the more challenging it will be to move forward in life. It keeps us from discovering our true selves, and prevents us from loving deeply and unconditionally.

A heart wall limits us from ultimate abundance, and our ability to form positive relationships. It divides us from our heart’s desires. It ultimately detaches us from who we really are.

When we have a heart wall, we are no longer open to the opportunities the universe grants us. We are often plagued with insecurity about our decisions or choices we’ve made. We constantly question and judge other people’s choices. We revisit the same situation over and over in our head, hoping to play it out in a different way.

The good news is that you can remove your heart wall, layer-by-layer, in order to be free of the past and to live blissfully in the now. You can do this by getting rid of the toxic, negative energy blocks that form it. With the right practice and training, you can open yourself up to the possibility of unconditional love.

When we remove the heart wall, we are more fulfilled in our relationship, and we make more money. This happens because we are now open to attracting amazing, synchronistic experiences. Those experiences, which we sometimes call “coincidences,” happen more frequently and are suddenly within our grasp.  Our heart’s desires are made manifest almost immediately.

Once the heart wall is down you’re able to make clearer decisions. Your heart, your will, and your gut are aligned. You will have mastered your energy, allowing you to carve out your destiny in full force.

You’ll also be able to give and receive the gifts of love. You will feel connected to others in your personal life and your career. You will finally be able to participate in some of the most joyful and elevating human experiences.

If you’re interested in experiencing what its like to live without limitations or boundaries, contact me- Amy D- about removing your heart wall. It takes only 3-4 sessions for you to dismantle your heart wall, so you can finally live abundantly and joyfully!

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