Reset: Meditation and Your Natural Set Point

Reset: Meditation and Your Natural Set Point

Meditation has stood the test of time. The fact that people have been meditating since the beginning of human civilization is a testament to its many benefits. Scientific research over the years has proven this. And I have spoken at length about it on this blog many times. But, did you know meditation can help you hit the reset button on your brain? Read on to find out about set points and the power of meditation.

Each of us has a set point for positive and negative emotions. The Set Point Study found that people who are naturally happy have more activity in the front part of their frontal lobes. While those who are prone to anxiety have more activity on the right side of their frontal lobe. When you go through intense events in your life, your emotions shift away from that natural set point.

For example, this study worked with naturally happy people who only recently began suffering from spinal cord paralysis. The study found that those people returned to their natural demeanor after a brief depression. Your brain chemistry will always regress to its natural set point. However, this process takes about 6 months.

It is possible to reset your natural emotional set point. This reset can be achieved through meditation. Participants in the study meditated for 1 hour a day, 6 days week. After 8 weeks, follow-ups showed a change in each participant. They were happier and became more in tune with the emotions of those around them. In addition, their immune system responses improved.With MRI scans, scientists have noticed that people who meditate have larger brains than those who don’t. Elderly people who meditate regularly also lose less gray matter and have a thicker prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is where your attention and control are determined.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make meditation a priority for your health. Ease meditation into your day, starting with 15-minute spurts. Eventually, you will work up to the 1-hour meditation session per day, 6 days per week schedule used by the participants in this study. If you are naturally anxious or depressed, you can change this set point over time with this schedule and improve your overall quality of life.

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How To Alter Reality To Benefit YOU

How To Alter Reality To Benefit YOU

“Whatever you can dream, you can do.” You’ve heard this statement before, but did you know it that it’s an actual fact about the universe? Each of us has the power to alter reality through our thoughts.

History’s brightest geniuses, from Steve Jobs to Henry Ford to Martin Luther King Jr., have changed the course of our world in dramatic ways. They were able to do this  because they understood that there are two kinds of reality: perceived reality and objective reality.

What is perceived reality and objective realityAt first glance, the difference lies between a single individual’s finite perception, and what is “real” or factual about the universe. However, it is subtler than that. Perceived reality can be either individual or shared. It is the reality that grounds our objective experiences of the world outside of us. Perceived reality isn’t separate from objective reality- it is what gives objective reality its shape.

A good example of this is the concept of money. If you stop and think about it, money only exists in our perceptions. While it does take on a physical characteristic- like paper or a plastic credit card- it only does so because human beings have given it that quality. The concept of money, as an equal exchange for something else, is born entirely out of our human imagination.

At the same time, our lives are deeply impacted by issues surrounding money. We spend most of our day trying to accumulate money, so we can either save it in case of a life-altering event, or spend it on the things that matter to us in the moment. Because most humans have accepted money as a real, useful thing, it has becomes an essential part of our objective reality.

Biocentric Theory and the Power of Positive Thinking

There is no limit to how perceived reality impacts objective reality. Quantum physics and biocentric theories of the universe have proven that our perceived reality is the key to unlocking our full potential. Negative perceptions are the only thing that keeps us from ultimate success.

How do you use this new understanding of human potential to make changes in your personal life and your career?

In a recent video, I talk about the power of words to alter reality. It isn’t just what you say that will materialize into an abundant objective reality, but also what you think and what you envision. Take this example:

Negative Perception of Reality: “I don’t have any money.” “I can’t afford that.”

To say you don’t have any money is another way of saying you can’t afford to invest in yourself. It is a negative perception of reality that will prevent you from achieving your highest potential. Instead of reiterating what is lacking, make positive statements about your situation that reflects what you want, what will happen. More importantly, by saying you don’t have the money, you are settling for a limited understanding of your own resources. You are discounting all of the immeasurable resources the universe has already given you that can’t be reflected in your bank account.

Positive Perception of Reality: “I’m working toward having that amount of money in my bank account.” “I will have more money.” “I already have the money. I need to re-assess my financial priorities.” “I have other resources besides money.”

By saying you are working toward a goal, you are acknowledging that it will happen. By acknowledging that you could reassess your financial priorities, you are thinking about money and its symbolic value in a new way. The resources you thought you didn’t have, were always available to you. A new objective reality has been created simply by reframing your beliefs.

Negative Perception of Reality: “I don’t have enough time.” ”

Positive Perception of Reality: “I have all the time in the world.” “I’m re-prioritizing how I spend my time.”

The saying “time is money” is true, in that the concept of time is as malleable as the concept of money. If you waste your energy thinking negatively about the time you don’t have, you will never take the reasonable steps to re-assess how you ought to spend your time. Engagement with those negative thought patterns is literally a time-waster.

These are just two ways that you can alter your perceived reality, and make dramatic changes in your objective reality. If you’d like more assistance in creating a new reality for yourself, based on Biocentric Theory, contact me about my Bioenergetic Sessions.

The only thing keeping your from achieving your every desire and more is the limitation of your own thoughts. Contact me, AmyD, today to break free of these limits, and achieve your highest potential.

Moving Past Your Barriers Into the Life You Deserve

Moving Past Your Barriers Into the Life You Deserve

The mind is everything. What you think you become. –Buddha

Have you ever felt stuck? Or like you’re moving in the wrong direction? Maybe you feel that way now. Like, for every two steps you take forward, you take three more backwards. You are definitely not alone in this. We have all at one point or another felt lost, or stuck, or like we’re moving in the wrong direction. But, why does this happen? And what can we do to change these feelings?

If you look closely, you’ll notice that so many of the things that make you feel stuck are related. Life, work, finances, relationships are all connected in a very big way. When one of these elements is out of alignment, the rest seem to very quickly follow suit. Why is this? Because there is a chain reaction within our cellular structure that sends out a frequency shifting the order and direction of things.

So, how do we shift the balance back in our favor? It all boils down to the way we think. The way you think can affect you on a cellular level. Am I saying that negative thinking is dangerous for your health? YES! This is not to alarm you, it is to make you aware that we need to be MORE CONSCIOUS of the words we say and what we think, as these often contribute to our feeling of ‘stuckness’. But, don’t despair! You can train yourself out of these negative thought patterns!

Some of you may think this sounds exhausting or like an insurmountable challenge, but there are many out there who have overhauled their lives and got started simply by adding a little positivity to their thought process. Norman Vincent Peale may have summed it up best:

Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture… Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.

The solution to “design the desired life” is bio-energetic maintenance on top of surrounding yourself with good. What do I mean by good? I mean maintaining a healthy relationship to money, food, the environment, your thoughts, the people in your life, even the way you entertain yourself.

Still feel confused? Reach out. I can help you retrain your negative thought patterns so you can live the life that you deserve. Here’s what Meredith S. had to say about our work together:

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Male Empowerment

Male Empowerment

Recently, I’ve talked about the different ways your energy can emanate, particularly if you’re in a leadership position. Today I’d like to discuss how masculine energy functions, and how it can work for and against you.

Masculine energy can be a powerful force for good, a unique vibration that invigorates and enlivens everyone around you. However, some masculine energies can be misdirected, coaxed into servicing a winner-takes-all approach that is unsustainable in the long run.

Some men feel an aggressive urge to compete at all costs, in their professional and personal lives. This ongoing drivenness to do or perform takes a psychic toll, because it doesn’t account for every person’s need for quieter, more contemplative moments. These are moments of reflection, a “time out” during which you can carefully consider the world around you and how to best approach it.

This kind of mindful reflection is an opportunity to truly see your unique destiny as it relates to the world, not just how your individual male ego can best be served by others. The un-enlightened among us will often accuse such acceptance and allowance as”un-masculine,” but when an individual’s masculine yang energy is untamed, it can never achieve the wholeness it so desires.

The ability to stop and reflect, and experience mindful gratitude, is not un-masculine. It is a powerful ability that some of the most successful male leaders have harnessed.

The CEO of Aetna, Mark Bertolini, is an example of a man who demonstrates positive male leadership in the right way through his daily mindfulness practice. Bertolini exudes confidence, knowledge and masculine power because he meditates on the important role he’s been given. He carefully considers the way he can best serve those who follow him, not how he can deplete all his resources in service to himself.

Not everyone has discovered Bertolini’s secret. Some male leaders are overtly aggressive, competitive, and wish to take away other people’s strength through emasculation. They segregate themselves from those who would otherwise support them. They care nothing for collective advancement, and their main goal is merely to protect their own frail ego from criticism.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Society as a whole can celebrate the life-affirming energies of great male leaders like Abraham Lincoln or Dale Carnegie, men who went against the grain to achieve their destinies. These were leaders who converted their masculine energies into a higher goal, who were also able to surround themselves with other people whose strengths were a complement to their own.

If you feel challenged in developing better leadership skills, and would like to learn how to balance your career and your personal life, let’s have an exploratory phone call and see how a few skills from me, AmyD, will create the peace you’ve been looking for.

Energy Assessments For Leaders

Energy Assessments For Leaders

Most of us hold some kind of leadership position, whether we’re someone’s boss, parent, coach, political representative, or religious leader. But no matter what leadership role you play,  you must consider how your energy levels affect your leadership. The way your energy manifests itself not only impacts those who rely on your insight and guidance, but on your own longterm, sustainable success. The fact is, you can’t be an effective leader- or seen as a legitimate source of authority, knowledge, or guidance- if you aren’t mindful of your own energy levels. In this essay, I will be providing an overview of the 7 Levels of Energy and the potential ways they might manifest. I’ve also chosen three archetypes from throughout our history, which might help you assess not only your energy level but perhaps the level of someone else.

Catabolic Energy Levels 1 & 2

Level 1 energy is marked by a “victim complex.” A sense of helplessness, fear of the unknown, and feelings of guilt plague the person with Level 1 energy. They often suffer from low self-confidence and avoid even trying to achieve their dreams because they believe they have no control over their own destiny. Learned helplessness and a despairing outlook often prevents those with Level 1 energy from ever being promoted to a leadership role.On the other hand, Level 2 energy is where most people operate. It includes a self (us) v. other (them) mentality. Its leadership style is marked by a sense of competition, and tends to make gains through power plays. While Level 2 energy can be effective in achieving material success, it takes a spiritual toll. Level 2 leaders are often in conflict with everyone around them, including their loved ones, which ultimately limits their capacity for true abundance.

Anabolic Energy Levels 3 – 7

Level 3 energy can be an effective leadership style that utilizes the rational mind to creatively discover and implement the best practices for material and interpersonal success. Level 3 leaders are competitive, but see their success as reliant upon the productivity and motivation of others in their circle. They are great mediators and tend to value cooperation over conflict.Level 4 energy takes this spirit of cooperation one step further. It is marked by a heightened concern for the wellbeing of others, and see principles of fairness and equality as more important than personal gain. Leaders who fall under Level 4 energy are often driven by utopian ideals of peace and equality.

Level 5 energy is characterized by an enthusiastic acceptance of all that life has to offer. Leaders who operate under this energy level often embrace life’s obstacles as opportunities for spiritual growth. They aren’t prone to an us v. them mentality, and those who serve alongside them find their optimistic, peaceful outlook to be deeply inspiring.

Level 6 energy belongs to those leaders whose level of insight encompasses not just their individual self or their immediate circle, but the entire whole of existence. Their creative vision is informed by the positive energy of everything they encounter, and more. For them, every day is part of an unfolding success story that goes beyond anything material.

At Level 7, one acts with a complete lack of fear. Nothing is considered impossible for those influential leaders who have tapped into Level 7 energy. They not only see themselves as participating in their own destiny, but are also prime movers of the destinies of others. They are truly a self-made force of nature.

Three Archetypes

Now that I’ve described some of the different ways that energy manifests itself in leadership, I’d like to talk about three important figures in human history who embody some of these energy levels.

Henry Kissinger:

Kissinger, as the former Secretary of State for both Presidents Nixon and Ford, consistently operated in Level 2 energy. He was a political leader whose policies were driven by what he considered the reality of world conflict. Kissinger worked within the conventional rules of war and peace, using hardline political strategy and coercion to protect the interests of his allies. His dedication to winning the game of international politics has made him simultaneously lauded for his achievements in the “real world,” and criticized for not having a higher vision for humanity. Like other leaders with Level 2 energy, he and his inner circle found success in the material conditions of the world, but his long-term positive impact remains ambiguous.

Mother Theresa:

Driven by compassion, Mother Theresa has Level 4 energy. She gave up a life of material comfort to be in service to the poor. She attracted global attention and admiration for her charity and her idealism, and indeed was so influential that her small congregation grew to include thousands of nuns and volunteers in over 100 countries. Her simple life’s duty to serve others became a call to action for people everywhere to follow suit. In the years after her death, she was criticized for not expanding her vision of compassion to include an end to human suffering. Nevertheless, she maintains her legacy as a true believer in her faith and her life’s goals.

Napoleon Bonaparte:

The military commander and political leader during the French Revolution, Napoleon oscillated between Level 2 and Level 6 energy throughout his campaigns. He was clearly conflict-driven, using military violence to stave off any threats to his power. Historians would look back on his achievements with a sense of ambiguity- was the political revolution worth all the bloodshed?However, Napoleon’s vision for an entirely new global society was all-encompassing. While he was both loved and hated during his lifetime, his sheer genius and- most importantly- his ability to enact his destiny- made him one of the most astonishing figures in human history.

Who Are You?

How you utilize your energy to influence and lead others is dependent on how conscious you are of these levels of energy. You must ask yourself, “Where does my energy level currently reside?”Remember that catabolic energy levels 1 & 2 can be limiting. You may have your material needs fulfilled for the time being, but over time such energy will fail to provide the abundance your heart truly desires. By being consciously aware of your energy levels, and by changing it when necessary, you can find long-term, sustainable success.

Reach out to me, AmyD the Peak Performance Expert and Trainer, if you want to learn how you can alter your energy- so that you can be the most effective, focused and driven leader you can be. Sign up for an Energy Assessment today!