Eclipse Energy with Full moon in Sagittarius

Eclipse Energy with Full moon in Sagittarius

Can you feel it?

That energy stirring intensely inside of you?

This is a time to choose evolution!

There are two paths to walk toward the same destination. A quickening is happening on the planet. For some, it means “get to work” and for others, it means “go deep within and listen to your soul’s wisdom”. Which experience are you having? Is it uncomfortable because it’s outside of your comfort zone?

In order to walk either path, it is important to remember to ground the emotional energy that is showing up, not only at the beginning of the month but throughout the entire month of June 2020. The energies present during this full moon eclipse set the stage for staying grounded and finding balance within “all the things”. “Things” being emotional highs and lows, expansion and constriction, and speaking up or going within. However, you can, express do not repress. That is key.

We can all use this new extreme energy to plant seeds of intention for the expansion of a world we dream to be a part of and that is our duty. The full moon is in Sagittarius. Sag’s ruler is the planet Jupiter AND Jupiter is the planet of higher wisdom and knowledge with a strong undercurrent of expansion. Knowing that we can use planetary energies to help facilitate dreaming a world into being helps us, who long to serve, be a part of that change.

Remember everyone, hang onto your hat! This time period is speeding up “the planetary awakening” process. With that, can be some volatility within the micro and macrocosmic world. Watch the rise of intense emotions that might just be uncontrollable.

As my teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui, instructs, repeat this statement out loud, “I am not my body, I am not my emotions, I am not my feelings, I am not my thoughts. I am the soul!”. When we remember this, we begin to take back our power from our minds, our emotions, and our environment. This helps us to live more peacefully.

Stay tuned for more bi-monthly energy forecasts.

Reach out to me, Amy Elizabeth the Energy Expert & Guide, to help you in staying grounded during this extreme energy as you create your dream world!