Meditating is an ultimate stress reliever and it is extremely therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. It is the process of training your mind to clear itself, completely, of all thoughts. In an article that I read, it stated:

” It’s extremely difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and think of nothing or have an “empty mind.” But in general, the easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing on the breath — an example of one of the most common approaches to meditation: concentration.”

With that being said, I have recorded several amazing meditations for you to enjoy, for purchase and download. You can take these meditations anywhere and listen to them on your own time. Learning to meditate takes time and patience. It is a good practice to start with focusing on a single point. Some experts say that focusing on your breath by slowly breathing in and out; clearing all other thoughts is a good way to start.

Some of the benefits of meditation are:

Lower blood pressure
Better sleep
Improved blood circulation
Less Stress
Slower respiratory rate
Less nervousness
Lower blood cortisol levels
Better awareness if your surroundings

The most amazing benefit of all is the freeing of the mind and attachment to material things. For more information on the benefits of meditation, click on the link below!

Most importantly, check out these easy to follow meditations from me, Amy D.! You will be so glad that you did! Enjoy!!

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