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The choice is yours.. you’ve heard that before, right?
The choice is yours to be free. To choose freedom. But so often we adhere to that little voice that tells us “ No, stop” you’re not good enough” “no one is going to listen to you” “buy from you, why would they?” “Who wants to hear what you have to say” and so forth and what happens? We become exhausted and lack luster in a world that doesn’t support our hopes, dreams and desires. We become STUCK. But the truth is we choose to be stuck. We are all born with infinite talents. We have all been given inalienable rights to prevail. Yet we don’t take part in them..Instead we choose to be distracted by that the mundane, the routine, the safe. Never throwing ourselves into feeling and vulnerably, expressing the essence of who we really are and why? For what.. So that we don’t “feel” judged and worse don’t actually connect to people on a deeper level letting them know who we really are.

This disconnected behavior enables us to feel and more importantly to love. It’s a travesty to our society as human being walking around cold and burdened by the jail we put ourselves in. So what if we could give ourselves permission to be unencumbered. To feel, to connect, to love, to engage without boundaries. To awaken the essence are who we really are why we are really here and what we are to really do.. to align with that passion that sparks a fire so deep inside that the flame wakes us up in the morning with such vigor to rise and awake to the world of opportunity and puts us to sleep dreaming of the next moment and acknowledging ourselves for playing full out throughout the hours of daylight, the hours we were able to fully be present to have this experience. To have such a purpose that nothing and no one can or could stop you.

The seed that your creator planted uniquely inside of you, That specifically can bear YOUR fruit for all the land to experience. What would that be like? To be alive to our passion, awake to our purpose and fully present to the moments that our creator put us here to take part in. And in those moments to expand and slow down to the stillness the quiet the amazement of each breath flowing out of our tiny little nosrils and into our large expanding lungs. Even this kind of simplicity is a miracle.

Yes my friends this is choosing a life worth living, being present to record your life’s stories worth sharing and opportunity to connect not only to others but to yourself on the deepest level of realization. This actualization, this desire for self-fulfillment, for more than what is seen, the yearning for expression in its fullest design is all in a choice. And this LIFE my friends is a Journey to discovering the walk it takes to the path of signing up, being aware and making the chose to be free.

This is my declaration to you world. What is yours?