In this day and age, people are focusing more and more on healthy eating. Some of us have good genes, a high metabolism, and a little bit of luck; for the rest of us, it can be a struggle to nourish our bodies with the proper nutrients to survive and live a long, healthy, and happy life. While we are focusing on our body, are we giving that same time and attention to our mind and soul?

Yes, the mind and the soul are definitely interconnected but both words have slightly different definitions. An excerpt taken from the book The Laws of the Sun, states:

“Human beings consist of a consciousness, a spirit and a soul, all of which were created through the will of God , and the central core of the soul is the mind”

The mind is considered to be the center and the foundation of your soul and your spiritual body. Certain areas of the mind govern will, emotion, intellect and reason. These areas must be fed and kept just as healthy as your physical body. This can be done through meditation and relaxation therapy exercises. It is important to cleanse your mind and de-stress your life as often as possible. Our thoughts can sometimes materialize so it is important to keep a positive mind, even during trials and tribulations in our lives.

The soul dwells inside of the physical body. It is made up of your inner spirit. Your soul will live on long after your body is gone. So how do you feed the soul? By seeking knowledge, faith and understanding. Wisdom is truly power and we were put here to be wise beyond our years and to assist each other down this path called life. By gaining knowledge and seeking wisdom, we unlock our GOD given powers of understanding. He has already instilled within us all of the things that we need to be great, so why not use them?

The mind, body and soul are uniquely connected and must have a healthy balance in order to live a stress-free, successful life. This is not to say that you won’t experience stress but you will learn how to deal with it on a deeper and more spiritual level. Learn how to balance your body and soul and free your mind!