The Violet Flame


I’m Lighting Up My Inner Flame!

You’ve come such a long way in your inner journey, letting go so many of your energetic patterns. How come you still don’t feel confident enough to complete the sentence “I AM…”? Let me tell you why. The fast pace of your day-to-day has dulled your ability to connect to your divine guidance

When you feel stuck, or that things are taking much more effort than they should, you can be sure you’re not accessing divine help. This divine help guides you to smoothly achieving your dreams. 

And sometimes you’re not even aware! You’re so used to things being such a hustle, you can’t imagine there’s a lighter, more enlightened way. Think of all the aspects of your life that are not allowing you to live peacefully, stopping you from forgiving yourself or others, and living in compassion…

What if you could turn all those blocks, all the negativity into something positive? Imagine if you could have a simple tool to switch it, in an instant. Visualize yourself piling it up, lighting a fire, and then burning it all! YES! How freeing would that be?

I’m not joking! That’s exactly what this is about. You get to TRANSMUTE people, places, things that have been slowing, delaying, and even stopping you from obtaining your goals. You will forgive them and have compassion for them. And then… you set it all aflame!

Let the Violet Flame take care of it, so these obstacles will no longer be a part of your journey. They can no longer hold you back. Just like a beautiful phoenix rising from the flames, the Violet Flame will unleash the next, more aligned version of you. And just like the phoenix, you get to have a transformational experience over and over. I’m about to teach you how to do it.

In this course, you will:

  • Gain the clarity and wisdom you’ve been seeking, by connecting with the guidance of your ancestors and ancients.
  • Magnify the transformational power of the Violet Flame using powerful invocations and decrees, as well as empowering yourself by learning the lineage and history of this ancient tool.
  • Unlock your gifts and natural talents, connect easily to your higher self and access your intuition. Feel the lightness you are meant to enjoy in your life!

Let’s light it up and let it go! After doing the work to CLEAR and RELEASE your blocks, it’s time to allow yourself to move forward, to change y
our world. Let your higher self and the ancients be your loving guides. 

Let’s inspire the world we live in so all of humanity can be transformed!