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Whether you are just beginning on the path of ascension or you are knowledgeable in spiritual topics and techniques, there is MUCH wisdom, growth, honesty, and integrity in this community.  Our community is more than an online classroom. You can expand your knowledge and wisdom while interacting with like-minded individuals. We are excited to create a network of light all over the GLOBE. 

Our 5 classes consist of all of the tools and skills past down from the ancients to clear, release, transmute, rise and shine your soul to its purpose, ultimately living your AWAKENED and ASCENDED life. 

Join Amy and many others in a lifetime membership to all programs previously paid for with online group forums and challenges to be held Elevate and set up to fly in freedom. 

Whether you are a CEO or Team Coach we all need assistance getting our team back on track, connecting to the common goal, being more engaged in the process in order to have the best result i.e. winning. Amy will work with the team as a whole, removing any negativity that may be stopping the team from 100% engagement and optimum performance. She will create connectivity and camaraderie among your team. This set up will not only allow for your team to win but go down in history and people will be talking about for decades to come.

Hire Amy to train your staff to Lead from the inside out to be more efficient, more effective, more connected in turn shortening their sales cycle and conversion rate with her cutting edge system to shift into complete engagement in roles and task therein meeting their quotas each month. 

Jump on an exploratory call and see if you’re a fit with Amy.
Quintin Demps
Professional Athlete
“Amy is the real deal. She is very passionate about helping others achieve their goals and maximize their full potential. She is an extremely great listener and does a really good job of ensuring that her clients get her absolute best. I really enjoy working with her and she has helped take me not only take my game to another level but she has also helped me take my personal life to another level.”